#637) But, It’s Getting Hot in Here, So…

I love the weekends! They provide the chance for leisure, for doing what I want to do, for bonding with my significant other. ALL of those things mean having sex to me.

I hope it’s not TMI (if so, you’re reading the wrong blog), but my lover has kept my sex very wet and well-serviced today (even more than usual)!

He caught me mid-day like this in our home office, trying to cool things off. He found this provocative.

He turned me over the desk. He spanked me for being distracting! Can you imagine?

Apparently, he found the way I accepted his spanking arousing. He carried me up to the attic, where we have a spare bedroom. We have this one as a playroom, so we won’t mess-up our bed in the master bedroom. This was fortunate and prescient. Robert “had his way with me.” (Isn’t that a nice way of saying “fuck” without getting graphic?)

I thought the photo of the aftermath of our tryst was graphic enough.

But, at least it cooled us off. For the moment…

6 responses to “#637) But, It’s Getting Hot in Here, So…”

  1. One knows that a proper female avoids being distractive at all times. You definitely deserved the spanking. Sounds like a spankfest at your house today. Enjoy butt don’t distract.
    Thanx bunches for a distracting but enjoyable post,!

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    • A “spankfest” quite accurately captures the mood here. Not a “punishment-fest” as was the case a week ago. I like this better; LOTS of resultant smiles. You’re Welcome!


  2. Got a laugh out of the pics with the fans cooling her fun parts. Reminds me of a line I read.*

    A girl had been ‘rode hard’ by her boyfriend who has left.
    Her roommate comes home, walks in, sniffs, and says, “This room smells like VAGINA!”
    The satisfied and contented look on her friend’s face may have also contributed.

    Who knew a room could smell like a vagina? Or sex?

    * That line yours?

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    • I’ll be bold to share that I asked Robert to change condom brands. Their smell interfered with our combined smells, added a burning rubber quality I didn’t want. I love the smell of us together, I love our individual smells.


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