#638) I’m Taking Off All My Clothes

I feel better when I’m nude. It isn’t always sexier being nude, sometimes a little clothing is more provocative, but I prefer it for lounging around the house, writing stories, distracting my lover…

I plan to talk about the difference between being a naturalist (as I like to call myself), or a nudist, and wearing just a little bit of clothing in my next post. That is, if my nudity doesn’t prove too distracting to my lover, and he leaves me alone to post.

Well, would you look at that! Our old friend, Olivia Culpo has decided to join me in my state of nudity. By raising your hands, please indicate if you’d prefer she cover up…

I don’t see any raised hands.

I see a lot of other things rising, but no hands…

2 responses to “#638) I’m Taking Off All My Clothes”

  1. Olivia is definitely in a great state!
    Nudity seems to be getting very popular
    I even heard a rumor that Louis Vuitton has designed an outfit consisting of only a butt plug which comes in different colors and (of course) sizes.
    Thanx bunches for the inspiring and revealing post!

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