#639) Nakey or Undies?

Living in a state of undress (or Nakey, as I like to refer to my home state), as I like to do around the house, has some laws attached. #1) You need to keep the thermostat at a level where you are neither sweating or shivering. A roaring fire in the fireplace is recommended, as indicated above. #2) You need to put a towel down on a chair before sitting your nakey ass down. That’s only polite, and hygienic. And #3) If you want to be sexy, put on a little clothing. Not a lot, just a little, such as a pair of socks, or some skimpy undies.

Granny-panties are not recommended, I said skimpy (and/or sheer).

The skimpier, sheer-er, or more form-fitting, the better. Don’t you agree?

I LOVE these skimpy and sheer undies! They remind me of an old movie theater. The show is about to begin, “Curtain up!”

I LOVE these sheer tap-pants. They’re called tap-pants because they elicit taps on the tushy. And the phrase, “I’d like to tap that!” Lace is always a good choice in underwear, black lace in particular.

These skimpy panties are frilly! They remind me of the can-can dance in Paris. (Yes, you can-can, they seem to scream.)

Here is a skimpy little pair of panties on a big bottomed brunette, always a nice pairing. (I think that is Ashley Graham modeling.)

And here is an anonymous model modeling how to take-off skimpy undies.

I think that undies coming down are the prettiest (and sexiest) of all.

I’ve noticed a strange connection, however. Whenever my panties are pulled down, whether I do it, or my lover does the honors, I find my bottom soon turns red!

More research is needed to explore this phenomenon, and fortunately, my lover is pulling me by the hand, and pulling my skimpy undies down to perform more study right now…

11 responses to “#639) Nakey or Undies?”

  1. Robert is a wise man.
    It has often been said that wise men take advantage of “nakey” AND scantily clad well bottomed females. (Most men seem to be wise these days)
    Thanx bunches for the provocatively revealing post!

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    • “Take advantage” is a good choice of words. That smarty-pants took advantage of my bottom seven ways from Sunday. He turned me every which way but loose. LOTS of smiles around here, if not many clothes. Thanks for reading, and being so complimentary, and you’re welcome!


    • I freely acknowledge that I AM a naughty girl, Sophie, my dear. I’m puzzled that you only want to pull my knickers down… You an keep them as a memento if you like. But you don’t want to do anything with my recently bared naughty bits? Here’s my naked butt waggling in your face, my aroused pussy parted and beckoning…
      I, on the other hand, am clear in my intent. I’d like to take your knickers down and punish you until you acknowledge that you deserve it, then really go to town on your pretty posterior (as I have shared with you privately)!
      Ahem… Did I lose my head and say all of that for everyone to hear? Oh, my bad…
      Jean Marie


      • What positive things can I take from your scolding of me? Well, firstly I can keep your knickers and send you home knickerless! Secondly I can have the privilege of YOU punishing ME! Thirdly, I now know you think that I have a ‘pretty posterior’! And fourthly, I now have a very, very good reason to punish your ‘fat arse’ for saying all you said for everyone to hear! Joy unbounded!
        Sophie x

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  2. I’ve always had an enormous thing for panties – call it a fetish, maybe. Not sure when it began, but i entered puberty in the late 1960’s when skirts were at their shortest and girls were not yet allowed to wear pants to school. It’s a wonder I learned anything those years as I Was always seeking a surreptitious glimpse of pretty panties.

    I’m a little fussy these days about the ones I like. Flimsy Nylon mostly, not cotton, not spandex. Closer to granny panties than thongs. I buy all of Irene’s panties. She’ll often sit on my face with panties on as foreplay, then remove them for serious reverse cowgirl cunnilingus. Usually she wears a dress or skirt throughout.

    Mostly I’m the submissive one. When I think about naughty women being spanked, I imagine them sent out after pantiless, with hot bottoms under their skirts.

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  3. Said this before.

    Casual sexiness around the house – wear my shirt. And nothing else. Unless it is sexy panties. Leave an extra button or two unbuttoned and I will soon lose my mind.

    Only accessory you need – an attitude! And that can be meek or wild. Your call.

    Cheap and easy, no?

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