#640) Playing Footsie, Part I

I got my boyfriend’s permission to explore my lesbian curiosities. He wisely sensed that until I did, I’d never be able to fully commit to him in our heterosexual relationship. His open-mindedness made me love him all the more.

            “I think it’s just a thing, a thing I need to taste, in order to know that it’s just a passing fancy,” I said to Roger.

            “Just a phase, eh?”

            “Yeah, that’s it, just a phase… Let’s just put a bookmark in our relationship… Give me a month to… taste around… Then we’ll talk, okay?”

            “Okay…” Roger said, a sad look in his eye and wistfulness in his voice. He walked away. I kept expecting him to turn around, to smile or blow me a kiss or even just wave. But he didn’t.

            I had to get busy getting busy, didn’t feel I had time to waste, so called an acquaintance from work. Norine was both someone I suspected of being gay, and someone who sent me little signals that she was attracted to me. I called her up, made a luncheon date for that afternoon. Then I sat back and gave this whole thing some thought.

            First of all, you need to be honest, with any woman you date, and with yourself. Second, you are entering uncharted territory, you don’t know the first thing about being with a woman, except to know what you would like or dislike. Maybe it’s just as competitive out there in Lesbianland as it is in Hetero World. You need to think about how you’ll stand out from the crowd. I guess the bottom-line is that old advice from Shakespeare, to thine own self be true.

            I spent the morning productively. I douched, which always makes me feel more confident. I gave myself an enema, which always makes me feel lighter than helium, floating in air. I took a long, hot Epsom-salts bath, and while in there, shaved my pubes, my pits, and my legs. I painted my nails, both finger and toe variety. I took a long time fixing my make-up and hair, then picked-out just the right outfit, a revealing ensemble to take advantage of the late fall warm spell, paired it with some open-toed sandals.

            When I spied Norine at the restaurant, I was glad that I’d done all the prep. She always looked impeccable. We sat out on the patio, ordered food and drinks, made small talk, such as the nice weather, the job-sharing positions we both had at work and how that proved perfect to provide a little time outside of the job to be a human being. As we talked convivially, Norine started giving me those same signals. She looked deeply into my eyes without glancing away. She rested her chin on her hand as if transfixed by everything I said. With her free hand, she touched her face sensually, brushed her hair out of her eyes, reached out to touch my hand and arm frequently. And she squirmed in her seat in this suggestive way at times, as if her sex was constantly on her mind, and she wanted it to be on my mind, as well. Because I read somewhere that one way to ingratiate yourself with someone is to mirror their actions, posture, seating position, etc., I did those same things back at Norine.

            When our food arrived, and we’d ordered another drink, I decided to get down to business. I was nervous as fuck, but fortified myself with a gulp of my white wine.

            “Roger and I are on hiatus,” I told her. “I thought I’d take advantage of that fact by acting on my gut instincts… I’ve always been attracted to you… I wondered if…” I didn’t know what else to say, what to do. Fortunately, Norine picked up the ball and ran with it.

            “I’m flattered! I’ve always been attracted to you, too. I’m surprised you picked up on it, but glad you did…”

            I wanted to stand out. I didn’t know if she had loads of other suitors; she certainly was beautiful enough. I wanted to kiss her, but didn’t think public displays of affection would be appropriate. My head was spinning, both from my racing heartbeats, and heightened emotions, and too much wine too fast. I got an idea for how to make a move that would be unconventional, memorable, private in this public place, and sexy as fuck. Slipping off my right sandal, I rubbed my bare foot up Norine’s leg, wiggled it between her thighs, and began stroking her crotch with my toes underneath the table. As if that wasn’t bold enough, I used my prehensile toes to grab a hold of the gusset of her panties, pulled them to the side, and slowly but resolutely inserted my big toe in her slit. My toe went right in like they were made for each other. I realized that squirmy Norine was turned-on already. I’d never done anything like that before in my life, of course, never even imagined it, but it seemed like a good choice from the reaction it got. Norine’s eyes grew big, then closed, she threw her head back and ran a hand through her locks. Her tongue peeked out, licked her perfectly made-up mouth as if it suddenly needed moistening. It darted back into her mouth and a profound, guttural, “…Oh…!” came out.

My emotions whipsawed from one extreme to the other. At first, I’d worried that my unorthodox means of seduction wouldn’t be private enough. Now I worried that Norine’s reaction might be too public, that she might have a full-on screamer of an orgasm, like the one featured in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” the “I’ll have what she’s having” in the deli, only this time unfaked, and therefore, even more uncontrolled.

But she didn’t explode outwardly for all to see; Norine imploded in a series of shudders that wracked her body, brought forth a whole paragraph of “…Oh…!”‘s from her mouth, and a gust of ejaculate bathing my toes.

I gave Norine a moment to recover, was on the verge of apologizing from bringing about such an unexpected force of nature upon her being, when she looked at me directly, like a laser is direct, and whispered, “You must come over… to my apartment… tonight… for us to… get to know one another… better…!” Then she extracted my toes from inside her and leaned down, sticking her head under the white tablecloth. I thought that she was going to suck my foot clean of her copious jism. Instead, she merely kissed my big toe reverentially.

“Okay, what time?”

“Let’s say eight… here’s the address…” and she scribbled it on a slip of paper, put it on the tablecloth along with some bills for her part of the check, recovered enough to stand, and walked away briskly if unsteadily.

I was at her door exactly at eight P.M. When she showed me inside, I was struck by how humble the abode was, as it hit me that it was solely due to Roger’s salary that I was able to live in a spacious house, reminded that women who earned our salaries couldn’t afford many luxuries.

Norine was dressed only in a black sleep-shirt. She’d redone her flawless make-up more for the evening, with clear nail-polish on her fingers, with smokey eyes that smoldered as she poured us both some wine and joined me on her couch. No sooner were we settled than she lifted my leg, took off my shoe, and re-kissed my toes. She started sucking them sensually, worshipfully.

“Feel free to take your clothes off…” she intimated as she placed my foot between her thighs. I only had time to reach underneath my short skirt and pull my underwear down and off before Norine pressed my foot against her humid sex. “Such pretty little toes…! Where did you… learn this trick…?” she sighed as they slid into her.

“Believe it or not, I just…” Norine interrupted me with the outburst I was expecting on the restaurant’s patio. She ejaculated vociferously, both from her pussy and from her throat. She reminded me of a fish that was hooked on a line; she twisted and turned violently. Up on one hip, shaking, I saw the opportunity to improvise and ran the toes of my left foot along her butt crack. She lifted her leg, giving me access. I pushed my other big toe into her anus. I held her between my feet, in essence landing this prized trout. Norine came with a deafening, hysterical series of climaxes, cumming all the harder.

She did suck my toes clean in the privacy of her home, first the right and then the left. I was turned-on and wanting to get off, but didn’t want to have her reciprocate with foot-play. I knew what got me off.

“I’d love to take you over my knee and spank your glorious bottom until you can’t sit!” I enthused, outing myself as just as kinky, just fetishizing a different body part.


“I said that I find your bottom extremely erotic! I’d like to play with it, bare it, hold it down across my lap and spank it crimson…!” I held her hands and started to pull her toward me, to help her over my knee.

“What?” she said again, more resistantly. “You want to… spank me?” she scoffed.

“Yeah! I find it…” I looked into her eyes and saw the truth. I’d happened upon something that rang Norine’s chimes, but she was unwilling to ring my bell my way. I could have tried to explain how I find women’s asses as much of a focal point as she found feet, but it seemed pointless. There was a judgemental attitude in her eyes. Without a little spanking-play, I knew that whatever we did in bed would be uninspired for me. “…Listen, Norine, I think… I’m gonna leave…”

“Are you sure…?” she solicited with her voice, but her eyes remained unchanged.

I kissed her, tasting her pussy’s secretions on her lips. It would be as close as I’d get to Norine’s vagina. I liked the taste. I’d liked the brief taste of lesbianism I’d gotten. But Norine wasn’t my person, like Roger was for the other side of my coin. I just needed to keep looking for that shiny penny.

2 responses to “#640) Playing Footsie, Part I”

  1. A wonderful story! Like the really good author you are you unfolded the story with erotic
    description of everything; built it to a climax when Norine had a series of orgasms. Then there was a let down following the rejection from Norine You left me (and probably many others )wanting more.
    There were a couple of layers.
    Taking a risk of losing Roger to look for a different type of romance: Rejection because of the spanking need in the main character and the thought that this may be a harbinger of things to come.
    I would love to see more of this
    ASAP. Beautifully done!
    Thanx bunches for yet another great post

    Liked by 1 person

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