#642) With the Change of Seasons…

come other changes. For instance, volleyball changes from sandlot to indoor.

Girl volleyball players change from these small bikini bottoms,

bottoms that ride-up and expose a lot of cheek,

and cling wonderfully tightly to all the curves,

to slightly more modest short-shorts.

These short-shorts ride-up, too,

and cling tight,

and generally are just as sexy,

if not more so!

Change is a good thing. This example helps me adjust to the temperature changes we’re experiencing right now.

3 responses to “#642) With the Change of Seasons…”

  1. Love women’s volleyball and tennis as well – obvious reasons, including a bit of sweat between the legs.

    Some lengthy fantasies from watching tennis while growing up, need to write about them someday.

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  2. The one and only purpose of shorts is to make me want to pull them down. That,of course is my own humble opinion (
    along with a few hundred
    million other humans)
    Thank you bunches for a most frustrating post that also brings pleasurable feelins.:))

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