#644) Breaking a Fast in a Most Delicious Way

Every now and again, I’ll fast from dinner one evening all the way to breakfast a full night, day, night, and morning later. It re-calibrates my appetite, makes me appreciate the taste of food, the blessing that it is. It helps me manage my weight. When I break that fast, I don’t eat junk. (Why would I go through those hunger pangs for that?) I usually have something both substantial and mouth-watering, like oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon and…
Yesterday, Saturday, my lover and I spent the day spanking and fucking, and spanking and fucking. Today I wanted a break, not because I was sore; rather, for some of the same reasons cited above, to re-calibrate, to appreciate, to cleanse, to purify, to want. We woke up and Robert warmed my butt lovingly in the soft morning light. He was hard and I was hungry for it, but I surprised him and myself.
“No, please don’t fuck me now… no, not even a fingering… I want to grow to ache for it again. I want to fast today sexually… Want me to suck you off? I will, happily…”
“I’ll fast right along with you, lover,” he said.
“But I don’t have a pair of balls that are blue right now…” I smiled.
“I’m okay…” And he was. So, we spent Sunday together, some of clothed, running errands, much of it nakey, at home, all of it fueling our hunger for each other. After dinner, I was ready to slake that appetite. I left it up to Robert to decide how. It was like he read my mind, feeding me in the most pure way possible.
We didn’t dress-up or role-play, didn’t use implements; we didn’t need those sauces masking the flavor of our pure sex. Robert made a production of getting the thermometer, digging it into the jar of Vaseline, up-ending me and putting that rectal thermometer where it belonged. This puts me in my happy place. He doesn’t make me accept the challenge of stretching for a butt plug, just a thin thermometer occupies the tight passageway. It is primal for me, reminding this oral-gagger that I’ve always had my temperature taken this way. The thermometer awakens my libido as it has my whole life long.
He takes the glass tube out of my ass hole and reads it. We’ve play-acted a hundred times in this situation, me a schoolgirl faking illness to get out of going to class, he the parent catching me in the lie. But we don’t need this skit now, just the tactile sensation of holding a cool thermometer up my warm buns for long minutes. Once the tube is removed, Robert pulls me over his lap. Again, no implements needed, not a ruler or cane that the schoolgirl would feel. Not a strap or paddle, just his bare hand applied to my bare butt. I love the intimacy of this! Flesh on flesh, heat imbuing heat; in this way the prelude of spanking mirrors the resultant sex.
I was turned-on by the temperature-taking at a solid seven on a ten-point scale. The hand spanking is an eleven; it is simply off-the-chart. I think what I love most about it is that this act turns Robert on equally well. It is our foreplay. I end up sopping wet and he rock hard. So that when throbbing-needy cock is introduced into pulsing-needy pussy, fireworks explode behind our closed, praying eyes.
We both hold off our orgasms, forestall the big bang. We know that if we do, they will build, the cataclysms will be all the more powerful. It’s like each of us is secretly saying, “Wait for the other, make it better for them, hold on, enjoy all the feels but don’t let them fully register, the wave is mounting, growing, raging, picking us up and carrying us up and away…”
When we both can’t stand it for one second longer, I feel him part my cheeks with both hands, as he hammers into my softest spot with his hardest one. Robert rims me. Just a delicate fingertip tracing the opening of my anus, taking advantage of the Vaseline up there. The intensity of the sex is a given, but our focus becomes that finger, that single, exploring, reaming middle finger. It is the plunger to my dynamite. Robert pushes it down, into me, and Ka-Boom! The sweetest sex on earth, the purest fuck, gives way to cumming, clutching one another, kissing passionately, our loins locking.
Robert often laughs as he ejaculates, while I often sigh, “I needed that.” I really did. We did; breaking the fast feeds our bond of love.

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