#645) Give Me a Shot

Jane was frustrated. She’d been dating Joe for nearly two weeks and he hadn’t made his move. She’d been open with him that she was submissive, and she suspected that he was a latent Dom. She knew from past girlfriends that he was hetero. Maybe he just needed a little nudge to let his inner demons out. She got an idea. She invited Joe over for a backyard Bar-B-Q.

“I’ve got burgers for grilling,” she said as she showed him around her backyard, “potato salad, cole slaw, chips…”

“I got the impression there’d be lots of people coming over…” Joe responded, looking around the privacy-fence-enclosed big backyard.

“Nope, just us… and to get things started…” Jane produced a bottle of tequila. She took a swig, handed the bottle to Joe, who took a tentative taste. “I’ve got an idea for a game to play! Come on, it’ll be more fun than Corn Hole, at least corn hole that vanilla people play…”

He didn’t get the joke, and when he turned around, Jane had rid herself of all her clothes. She pour a shot of the alcohol, balanced the shot glass on her tramp-stamp along with a splash of salt and wedge of lime.

“I want you to take a shot of tequila, then you get to give me ten shots across the ass with your hand…” she giggled.

“You mean… spank you…?”

“Yes, I me ‘spank me’, silly! Come on, you know you want to! You know my ass is the cutest thing you’ve seen in a long time! I bet it’s cuter than Diane’s! Yes, I know you used to fuck her. We’re friends, we talked all about you! How you have a unique crook in your cock, how you have a thing for asses…” Jane wiggled hers in Joe’s face.

“You talked about our sex life?” Joe asked incredulously.

“Yep, all about it! Doesn’t that make you want to punish me…?”

It did the trick. He licked her sacral dimple for the rock salt, swallowed the shot, bit the lime, then began spanking Jane’s tight tush.

“OW! One, two, three…” Jane called out as the swats were delivered. She didn’t get to ten because she stroked his crotch as he spanked, and he was hard by the eighth spank. Jane had it out of his pants, into her mouth for a saliva coating, and then deep into her snatch from behind before Joe knew it. “Give me a shot, Joe… Let me be your girlfriend, your bottom… You won’t regret it…”

Joe was in no position to argue.

3 responses to “#645) Give Me a Shot”

  1. I think that is called manipulation or at the very best it would be topping from the bottom. How I would love to be topped like that!
    Thanx for another good post!

    Liked by 1 person

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