#646) Labels, Roles?

He comes home from work and I kiss him with all the feeling in my starving heart. I NEED him to know that I miss him so much when we are apart, it hurts. But, I’m a masochist, into pain.

I jump on his lap, attacking him. I grind my pussy into his crotch. Between the kisses of my mouth and my vagina, I inspire an erection from my lover.

“May I kiss it…?” I nod with my head downward. He nods, and throbs as I take it out, rub it against my facial cheeks, kiss its head, suck it, deep-throat it, get it slick with saliva. I rise up on his lap so as to rub his hardness against my soft bottom-cheeks. I kneel up higher to align him with my wet slit. I ache for it, and he clearly does, too. But we are into S & M, so it’s okay.

I sink down on the shaft so infinitesimally slowly. And then fuck him hard and fast, fuck him silly. There’s a look on his face like he’s begging me to let him come. I grip him tight, and suck with my pussy and will the spunk out of him, milk all the juice out of him. But I’m the sub in this relationship, so instead of righteously declaring, “You’re welcome,” I implore, “Thank you, sir…”

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