#647) Just My Warped Sense of Humor #5

Please look closely at the above photo.

First, anytime that there is a barely dressed (or nude) woman on a beach covered in sand, I want to scream! I want to brush the sand off her body, spank it off her ass! So, this photo sets my teeth on edge.

Then there’s the fact that she’s sitting her bare butt on a coconut. Does she think she’s going to crack it open that way? Let me tell you, sister, it’ll take more than your skinny body to do that!

Or does she mistake the coconut for an egg, and she’s trying to hatch it. There again, it’ll take more warmth than Olive Oyl here can provide.

Or maybe she just likes the feel of something big and round between her cheeks. If that’s the case, I have a face I’d like to volunteer as a seat. Just as long as all the sand has been spanked away first!

Now, I’d just like to prove that a woman photographed at the beach does not have to be covered in sand.

These pictures look like paradise, and I’m not talking about the sea or huts or boats…

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