#649) Gratitude, My Version

I’ve discussed how an attitude of gratitude really helps me in life. So, I ran across this chart. I started to answer it and saw a theme developing. See what you think.

  1. Writing, having sex
  2. Sharing my writing on my blog, sharing sex with my lover
  3. My lover, my arousal, the combination of our smells
  4. My lover in the nude, photos of pretty, naked women, me in the mirror when nakey, sunsets
  5. Recent sunsets have been an intense orange red, some recent bruises on my bottom have been a deep purple
  6. Sunsets, skinny-dipping
  7. My lover made me cut a switch and prepare it (removing twigs, leaves, bark) for use on my bottom in the backyard about a week and a half ago. He was pleased with my handiwork, and I was impressed with his handiwork on my backside
  8. So numerous, starting with this computer for writing and surfing the ‘net… “Useful” is an ambiguous word, I could go eight different ways answering this.
  9. While I’ve got your attention, I’ve been thinking. I hope that my writing about my lover and me in unfictionalized pieces (such as posts #646, 644, 641, 638…) isn’t off-putting. I don’t do it to be salacious; I do it to commemorate facts so that I won’t forget details in the future.

3 responses to “#649) Gratitude, My Version”

  1. The purpose of my blog was also to diary facts and events so I would not forget them in the future. It is interesting now to see what I was up to 10 years ago.

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