#651) Wrestling, Pie, Tongues, etc.

Here is a cartoon for today. I’m not exactly sure what these two are doing, I think wrestling…

Here is another cartoon showing another man and woman wrestling. I think she has pinned him, and is lording her victory over him with that phrase…

On the other hand, maybe she means to really eat it.

Here is a woman with her papaya. I love the taste of papaya, so soft and sweet and succulent (once you get the pesky seeds out of the way).

Don’t you love the word “succulent”? It’s almost onomatopoeia-like, sucking and slobbering as you eat something deliciously mouth-watering.

It looks like this lady’s papaya is succulent, juicy, ripe, clean smelling and fresh tasting. I’d love to just get right in there and bury my face in it, like a pie eating contest.

That reminds me of how much I love pie! My Grandmother (the one who lived on a farm) used to bake a lot of pies from scratch. She’d set them on the windowsill to cool, just like this. And my Grandfather would smell her pie, all the way out in the barn or the pasture, and come home to taste her fresh pie.

I wish that this were a moving picture, a video clip, instead of a still photo. The lady appears to be waving her skirt back and forth, and up and down. Her pie has a fresh scent, and she’s letting it air, kind of like those pies on the windowsill.

Wait a minute! I now think I understand those two cartoons above…!

It’s kind of tough to put into words… but maybe with the help of a math Venn diagram, I can capture what this is all about…

If I’m correct about this, ones’ tongue is super important because the tongue is how you lick, how you taste.

Here is a close-up of a tiger’s tongue. See those bumps? They help the tiger lick really well! I think this tongue is too rough to lick in the way I was describing before…

Maybe a tiger cub’s tongue would be better, bumpy but not too bumpy (kind of like those “ribbed” condoms I’ve seen in the drug store).

This lady appears to have the right idea. She’s letting this cub play and lick and pounce.

If I have this figured-out correctly, here is one last cartoon, to sum it all up. (It took a long, round-about journey, but I think we’ve arrived at the right conclusion/destination.)

4 responses to “#651) Wrestling, Pie, Tongues, etc.”

    • It’s just a cub, with teeth and claws more like sharp needles, rather than daggers. Still, I hope her cute derriere isn’t made into a pin-cushion. Hopefully the cub was trained not to attack, just to lick.


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