#653) Not Daisy Dukes, But Butt Is Still an Issue

Look at the photo above of the blond in the pair of ripped jeans! (As I’m sure you are, very, very closely.) Those are not Daisy Dukes, they’re not even cut-offs, but they sure reveal a lot of butt cheek! If she thinks she’s going to that party dressed in those, she has another thing coming! (In the form of a butt blistering.)

Look at this blond in the grocery store; she might as well be naked! That outfit leaves nothing to the imagination. I bet that bottom would bounce so beguilingly as you marched her out of the store while you belabored it with brisk spanks! She’s asking for it!

I don’t even need for this strawberry blond to turn around to know that her outfit is too revealing, too form-fitting. Look at that camel-toe and those nipples poking through! Scandalous! Spank-worthy! (I think that I just coined a new phrase.)

And this dirty blond might be the most spank-worthy of them all! What, you don’t see it? That dirty smile says so much. She whispers in your ear, as you walk her down the busy city street, that she’s not wearing anything beneath her fire-engine-red overcoat. Not a stitch! She raises the hem of her trenchcoat with both hands, inching ever higher, until it’s very clear that she was whispering the truth.

“Let’s go someplace where you can spank my butt fire-engine-red…” she smiles.

You see her wedding ring. Clearly her husband can’t control this dirty girl. You take her by the arm, take her to your hotel room. You both hear the sirens as you undo the belt, unbutton the coat, slip it off her shoulders. The sirens are from the trucks on their way, fire trucks for a four alarm blaze, the one you’re about to burnish across her bottom.

5 responses to “#653) Not Daisy Dukes, But Butt Is Still an Issue”

  1. The high heels are a pretty good tip that she was lookin for a bottom burning. I wish I could watch her get it
    Thanx bunches for an arousing,
    excitement invoking, nicely illustrated post!

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    • I can imagine the dialogue in her parlor…
      “Would you like a piece?” yoga-pants-girl asks brightly.
      Leering old geezer of a customer says nothing.
      “Of pizza, I mean…”
      Guy still doesn’t answer, just drools.
      “Or maybe you want to order a whole pie?”
      “What I’d really like to do is give you a good spanking for thinking you could dress like that in public!”
      “Well, my boss keeps telling me that the customer is always right, so…”
      She bends over, he uses the big pizza wooden paddle. Just one whack covers her entire backside with pain. He gives her five with stretch pants up and five more on the bare. It’s so exciting for him, seeing her cute butt redden, that he climaxes in his pants.
      “Thank you, sir, please cum again!” she says rubbing her tush.
      “How about tomorrow at the same time… See you then!”


      • Wow Jean Marie! Thank you for that scenario.
        Now I will be a leering old geezer with very nasty thoughts going through my mind as I stare at her way too much.
        “would you like a piece?” That’s great!
        She has a nice big round ass like the grocery store girl above. Yes, she will need to be spanked with the big wooden pizza paddle.
        All the geezers sitting at the small bar would certainly appreciate seeing her finally getting what she deserves.

        Thank you!!!

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  2. Spank-worthy has been around for a while and everyone knows what it means (smiles.)

    Love the red dress model, her smile, the way she wears that dress, cute tush, nice stems – and those ‘Fuck me!’ shoes bring it all home!

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