#655) Not the Answer She Expected

As she obeyed and disrobed, as she’d just been ordered to do by her Top, Mary shot Tom a look. The look clearly stated that she was afraid, that she’d gotten herself into deeper trouble than she wished. She realized that she was probably sitting for the last time in a while, at least being able to sit comfortably, with full weight on both cheeks. She didn’t want to think about that…
She looked around at the new dungeon. It helped appease her nerves to talk, so she did. “I notice that you only have two leather implements…” Mary dropped her blouse on the floor, followed by her bra.
“There are more in the cabinet,” Tom answered distractedly as he prepared the spanking bench and the punishment block to be occupied.
Mary opened the one cabinet door that her seat wasn’t blocking. It was true, there were lots more leather paddles and straps on shelves in there, as well as an assortment of braided whips. She shimmied out of her pencil-skirt, and placed it on top of the blouse.
“You sure have a wide variety of canes…” she remarked, reaching out to touch the Malacca and bamboo and rattan short and long rods.
“Um-hum,” he mumbled. Mary lowered her panties and put them on the mound of clothes.
Deciding it was better knowing, rather than fearing the unknown, Mary asked what was weighing heavily on her mind. So… which implement… did you think you’d use on me…?”
“Were you a naughty little girl?”
“We both know that I was. I’m sorry, but I know that isn’t good enough. So… what’s the answer? Which implement?” Mary stepped out of her shoes and stood ready, as naked as the day she was born.
Tom turned to her, finally able to give his sub the full attention she craved. “I think you’ve answered your own question.”
Her quizzical look said that she didn’t follow. One hand nervously covered her bare pudendum, while an arm reached across to cradle her free breasts.
“Why, all of them, Mary. I intend to give you a good taste of each and every one of them. That’s what your behavior warrants, so that’s what you’ll receive. Now,” he patted the spanking bench’s black leather, “get up on here and we’ll get started…”

3 responses to “#655) Not the Answer She Expected”

  1. Oh yes! Pleas continue this story very soon. A swat by swap account sounds delightful.
    BTW( I noted the presence of leather paddles. I think wood is more appropriate for a serious spanking. Just sayin)
    Thanks megabunches for a very promising post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you both of you two! I had not planned to say more, thinking imaginations would take my story any way the individual reader wanted to take it. But I will! I’ll give an account of the well-earned punishment sometime soon. And your affinity for wooden paddles is duly noted, paddlefan!


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