#656) Playing Footsie, Part II

Well, things certainly hadn’t worked out with Norine. But hope springs eternal, even if mine had sprung a small leak.

            I asked my friends and family if they knew any eligible young lesbian or bi women, especially if they were kinky. (My parents are passed, those family members who are still living know me well enough not to be surprised by anything I say or do.) My sister, Cindy, came through for me.

            “I know a friend of a friend who might qualify, let me call Raquel and I’ll get back to you.” The next day, Cindy called me back. “Raquel is friends with a beautiful woman named Amy. Raquel says Amy is pan-sexual, and so kinky she can’t keep track of all the stuff she’s into… Want Amy’s number?”

            I did and I took it and called it before I lost my nerve.

            “Hi, this is Jeanie. Amy, you don’t know me but…”

            “I know you from what Raquel and Cindy have shared,” she interrupted. That made it easier.

            “Would you like to get a cup of coffee or a drink sometime soon?”

            “How ‘bout tonight?” and we made arrangements to meet.

            Amy was the only one solo in the restaurant. She was just as attractive as she sounded on the phone. I was pleased. I ordered a red wine and tried to catch up.

            “This is so strange, being out in the dating world again. I was enthusiastic about it until my first date the other night…”

            Amy had an easy smile and laugh, “Tell me about it!”

            “Does that mean you understand, or that you want to be entertained by details?”


            I didn’t name names, but did give the highlights.

            I laughed at myself self-deprecatingly when I shared my seduction technique.

            “You did WHAT?” Amy demanded, almost spitting-up her sip of wine because she was laughing so hard.

            I blushed crimson, but wanted to be honest and open. “I took off my sandal, and slowly ran my foot up her leg. She gave me receptive signals, so I wheedled it between her thighs, and…”

            “Show me,” Amy smiled and made it clear she was opening her legs for a demonstration. I stopped when my foot got to that smothered, sweet spot between her thighs and up her jean skirt. She took hold of my foot and assisted its entry into her pussy. She’d presciently gone commando for this date. I was nonplussed, at least until I felt one of Amy’s bare feet caress my leg under the table, run up the inside of my calf, thigh, and playfully wriggle her toes against the crotch of my panties. I reached in to pull the garment aside, and we were playing in a mutually-satisfying diddle-session in semi-public.

            With our toes inside one another, she looked me in the eye and said, “Now tell me about your kink…”

            I took a gulp of wine. “I’m submissive with my male lover, eager to explore switching with a like-minded female. I love being spanked, heavier discipline, anal play… I’m just getting into titty torture…” My eyes left hers to gaze at her exposed cleavage. We could both feel each other’s pussies grow hotter and wetter with this laundry list of debauchery. “How about you…?”

            “I like sex with women, men, trans individuals, couples of all orientations. I also switch in what I like to do with lovers, I like to spank and be spanked, among other stuff.” She stated this matter-of-factly, all the while looking like the beauty queen who happens to live right next door.

            “Other stuff…?” I inquired. I was fascinated, mesmerized, falling head over heels in lust, but also wary about any unknowns.

            Amy leaned across the table; I wasn’t sure if to be private or shocking.. Our feet invaded deeper into one another. Her wonderful tits hung out all the more prominently. Her brown eyes sparkled as she whispered, “I like to give hickies, little bite marks. I think of them as love notes written in flesh.”

            I took a deep breath. “Want to come back to my place?” She drained her wine glass. My head was already spinning. We extracted tootsies from coochies, and went arm-in-arm to the parking lot.

            “Here’s my address, it’s just a tiny little studio apartment” I said, editing myself from sharing any more about Roger and handing her a scribbled note, “but just follow me. I’m not far away.”

            “Forgive me if I tailgate,” she smiled. “I’m not afraid of getting separated, I just long to ride your ass.”

            “Oh, my…!” escaped my throat and I kissed her to cover my feelings.

            We started disrobing, peeling clothes off one another on our way up my driveway, so that once behind the closed front door, we were in a naked clinch.

            “Let’s not do this here,” I breathed. “My bed is so much more comfortable.” Once there, I could not resist a moment longer. “I’ve been dying to do this all evening…” and I pushed my face between her mountainous mammaries and motorboated her. “God, I wish I were endowed like this for just five minutes! I’ll never experience that…” Amy rolled me over, wedged her face between my buttocks and motorboated my ass. I stood corrected, or laid there corrected. On her way out from between my cheekiness, Amy gave me a quick hard bite on the left buttock, and then a long sensual hicky on the summit of my right orb. “I can’t say you didn’t warn me…” I gasped. Almost immediately, she held me down with her left arm and began spanking me briskly with a powerful right cross. She did it soundly enough to really hurt, compounded by the throbbing of each mouth-mark. I voiced what was on my mind as soon as she stopped spanking. “Well, I’m in love!”

            “I’m right there with you, this has been a whirlwind, but I love everything about you!” she enthused. We spent much of the night talking and spanking and cunningly-linguistically teasing each other. It was my first time passionately kissing a female lover, passionately kissing her vagina, spanking another woman, and having all those things done to me. It was much the same act as with a man, but completely unique at the same time. I got cum-drunk on having so many orgasms, and on imbibing so much jism. And, along with all those endeavors, Amy also placed hickies on the tender undersides of my breasts, on my tender inner thighs, on my neck, and placed teeth marks in the flesh of my buttocks and tummy and calves. I felt devoured by her, and consumed with unparalleled emotions.

            We didn’t get much sleep. But it wasn’t fatigue that clouded my mind, it was fear. At dawn, I found myself curled into a tight fetal ball next to the softly snoozing Amy, trembling and in tears. I guess that my movements and whimpers awakened Amy.

            She sat up, cuddled me close, petting my hair, and simple whispered, “Ssshhh, now, there-there…” until I quieted down. “…Now, what’s wrong?” she eventually solicited with the flat of her hand along my jaw, the other side of my face pressed against those nurturing, magnificent tits. It was so warm an embrace, like nothing I’d ever experienced, almost maternal in its deepness and sincerity, but at the same time so very sensual and sexual.

            “I honestly love you!” I balled.

            “That’s okay, Jeanie. You are not alone. As I said, I’m falling in love with you, too…”

            “But that’s just it! I’m not alone in this because I’m equally in love with a wonderful man…” Through sobs I shared that I couldn’t have imagined my emotions becoming so involved so suddenly, but that our short-lived romance was equal to yet entirely different from the long-standing love I felt for Roger.

            She let this sink in, simply rocking me in silence, and then said in her measured, thoughtful way, “Well, why don’t we meet, all three of us? … Maybe cook and share a meal together… and see if we can all three share ourselves, too…”

            My mouth actually fell open as the metaphorical scales fell from my eyes. I thought of that line from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” where Miranda whispers in awe, “Oh, brave new world, that has such people in it…” I loved giving myself to Amy. I loved giving myself to Roger. She was open to giving herself to men and women both. Roger was immanently lovable, what red-blooded male wouldn’t want a relationship with two women simultaneously? No possessiveness, no jealousy, just love and lust and lots of spankings and kinkiness!

            I fell asleep on Amy’s chest. She said that I looked ever so serene as I slept. Just the few hours of deep, restful rejuvenation seemed to make up for the loss of the whole previous night’s skipped slumber. Then I got up and fixed us oatmeal with all the fixings, my favorite. Amy smiled and said that she understood why.

            And then I got out my phone, and dialed a most familiar number.

            “Hi Roger, it’s me… Can I come home? I mean, are you involved with anyone else…?”

            “No, my love,” he reassured, “I’d love for you to return to me!”

            “Great!” I said with a sigh, then took in a deep breath. “And can I bring a friend along…?”

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