#657) The Antidote to Elsa’s Problem

And now a bedtime story for the little ones. Just Kidding!

You know me by now, I don’t spill the tea without provocation. At the same time, I do love to kiss and tell.
So, I met this cute girl. I’d go so far as to call her hot. Unbeknownst to me, she’s something of a celebrity. But this is real life, not some antiseptic, G-rated Disney movie, people have more than two dimensions and life is more than just a song and dance spectacle. My life is filled with noble intentions and virtuous strivings, but also lust and longing and sex and such.
Things were going great between us. We went on a number of enjoyable dates where we found out more and more about each other, and the more we discovered, the more we cared about one another. Elsa seemed reticent about it, but I wanted to explore the sexual aspect. So, after dinner and a lot of mead wine one Saturday night, I let our kissing go further. I put my hand on her tit and purposefully placed her hand on mine. It got me aroused, but didn’t seem to do much for her, so I proceeded to finger her pussy. Again, I loved it all, but Elsa was as cold as ice.
“This isn’t said judgmentally, but I think you may be… have you ever wondered if… you’re… frigid,” I whispered in her ear.
She reacted as if I’d said that she was some sort of abnormal freak.
“I am not! You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! You don’t know me! Who the fuck do you think you are?”
“Whoa, whoa!” I said, “let’s talk about this like two adults. I also feel strongly that if we disagree about something, anything, we can debate it in a fair manner, not yell or use expletives…” That’s what came out of my mouth, but my brain was thinking all the while that this lady doth protest too much.
In reaction to this, Elsa burst into tears. I took her in my arms and just held her for a while, let her get it out with a cleansing cry-fest. Then, with her cuddled and close, I whispered, “I said what I said because I’ve been where I think you are at. Sex seemed empty and meaningless to me once upon a time. For me, it took exploring my mind, searching for what turned me on. I discovered that, for me, it was a fixation I had from early childhood. I rooted down deep and exhumed that I had a fetish for spanking, the power dynamic between two people… At first, I only wanted to be submissive and get spanked, but as I’ve experimented, I’ve discovered that I now also enjoy the Top role, like giving as well as receiving discipline…”
Elsa didn’t meet my gaze. She spoke like she was a little girl again, like she had regressed to a stage where she didn’t want to take responsibility or ownership for things, just wanted to let things happen to her. “Show me,” she whispered and rolled over, presenting her backside to me. I slowly raised her long gown until it was bunched around her waist. Then I caressed her bottom, let my massaging hands pull her panties down off her pert ass cheeks. The flesh was cool to my touch, so I massaged the pale orbs a while longer. And when she’d warmed to this, when I’d lulled her into a state of trust, I took her long braid in my left hand and held her tight. I raised my right hand high and brought it down hard across the deep divide between her buttocks. I knew that she felt the spank across both her orbs, but also deep within, right up her spinal column, right in her private places.
Elsa stiffened but didn’t cry out. She absorbed the heat, and then offered her ass out just as provocatively. I answered this request with another sound swat. “Oh!” she ejaculated softly, then arched that butt out just as wantonly again. Clearly something inside her was melting under the tutelage of my punishing hand. After about ten spanks, I let go of her hair and put that hand on her platinum haired pussy. I found it swollen and receptive and wet; my middle finger sunk inside her without any effort. From then on, I spanked one side while frigging the other. More whimpered ejaculations of, “Oh, oh, oh, oh…!” came from her throat, and then a mighty ejaculation burst forth from her loins. “Yes… yes… yes… yes!” she cried out. She was like some bucking, wild beast, no longer human.
When all her seizures had passed, she looked up at me with such adoration, with such a soulful-satisfied completeness, a sense of self-discovery, I couldn’t do anything but hug her close and kiss her passionately.
“Hello there!” I said to the fully realized woman before me, as if I was meeting the whole Elsa for the first time.
“Hi,” she smiled back, then breathlessly added, “how soon can we do that again?”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “As soon as you want, as soon as your poor, punished ass has recovered enough for another go. But there’s a whole world open to us, from paddles to riding crops to whips, from dildos to strap-ons to tongues…”
It was as though a Pandora’s box had been opened up, and Elsa’s mind was reeling with the unlimited sins to taste and feast upon.
“Riding crops… tongues…?” she mumbled as if enchanted, unsure where to explore next among all the glittering possibilities. “Oh, my…!”

3 responses to “#657) The Antidote to Elsa’s Problem”

  1. I believe a good spanking, given in the right spirit warms the heart as well as the bottom.
    This was a great story! You are on a serious roll!
    Thanx megabunches for this hot and also “warm” story!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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