#659) Platinum Blonds – Worth Their Weight in Gold

Building upon what I wrote in post #657 about Elsa, I have a weak spot for platinum blonds. (Can we guess where on my body that weak spot resides?) There is no platinum blond that touches me more deeply than Emilia Clark’s character in “Game of Thrones.” (And yes, I touch myself more and deeply whenever seeing Daenerys on screen.) I like the redheaded actress Ms. Clark. I LOVE Daenerys!

The way she looked up to her lover, Khal Drogo, the way she taught him to make love (not just fuck),

the way she stepped into her bath, buttocks shifting, undulating, hypnotizing…

The way she stood up in her bath, fair skin glistening, wet on the outside, wet on the inside, making me wet, making me long for her…

The way she mothered her dragons, her ruthlessness… Oh! the memories… I don’t like to recall how she was dispatched in the series; she should have lived, ruled, as she rules my affections!

4 responses to “#659) Platinum Blonds – Worth Their Weight in Gold”

  1. Her hair aromatically draws ones eyes to her face. It’s a pretty face that rarely if ever showed fear. Butt her hair was beautiful especially when she wore it down. Somehow when she had it up and braided it made me think of her as a warrior. She is an excellent example of a platinum blonde?
    Thank you bunches for a post that somehow resonated with me?

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