#660) Some More Platinum Gold

I wanted to share a few more photos of other platinum blond beauties. Just because they make me glow inside.

The woman above is Rachel Francis. She’s an underwear model. Doesn’t she do her job well?

This woman isn’t an underwear model. I know this because she isn’t wearing any. She looks great in this indoor lighting!

Here is another example of indoor lighting, this time featuring just as blond a woman with a darker tan and a thicker bottom.

But, in my opinion, it is in natural lighting where fair blonds really “shine.” Their skin is so luminous in the sunshine.

This super fair lady really shines in the sunshine, really makes me glow in places where the sun doesn’t shine!


4 responses to “#660) Some More Platinum Gold”

    • Part of me would feel so guilty spanking any or all of those porcelain white bottoms, blemishing their unparalleled pure-white-as-the-driven-snow bottoms until they pinkened, reddened, and grew hot to the touch. But only a part of me. Say, about 1%. The other 99% would relish the task!


    • Because we are two peas in a pod, Sophie. (That’s why I’d love to nestle into that enclosed pod with you sometime to get to know all of your likes/dislikes, fancies and ideosyncracies…) XOXO


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