#661) Love Our Lifestyle

I’ve been looking forward to this day! I’m hoping that people who haven’t discovered this blog might happen by, and that those who have “lurked” will come out of the shadows to introduce themselves, contribute to the discussions in the Comment section. I’ve also REALLY looked forward to telling other bloggers whose sites I visit regularly how much I appreciate them!

To introduce myself, you can poke around the pages here, read the sidebar on the right of the Home page, look over the About page. But I also wrote this piece to show one aspect of me.

I’m in the habit of using the phrase, “well, at my core…” What I mean is “who I am at my essence.” For example, at my core I am a spanko through and through.
But I like the literalness of the first phrase, as I think about it.
One interpretation of it is “me, at my center.” At my center, in the very middle of my body is my heart. We feel the thumping on the left side, but that’s the aorta pumping. Your heart is at your core. Throughout literature, your heart represents your feelings, whether the nervous system of feeling things, or your emotions, feeling things. A phrase like, “to wear your heart on your sleeve” gains meaning when we don’t keep our heart protected, surrounded by our body, but right out there for all to see, able to be wounded, vulnerable.
Seen in a different perspective, the core/center of the head is the brain. So “at your core” can also mean who you are by what you think. I think, therefore I am. The opposite of the emotional is the cerebral. I define myself by how I think about important, major things, how I think about myself, my orientation, or politics, or sex, or…
But there is yet another way of interpreting the phrase. Gastroenterologists tell us that the best way to view the human body is as a hollow vessel. Things go into our open mouths, wide open throats, into the empty stomach and intestines, get chewed up and digested to nurture our bodies, and the waste, the left-overs come out the eliminatory canal, out the ass hole. See? Hollow! But being who I am (at my core), a lover of words, I think of still another way to see this hollow-hood. My mother tells me that, as a small child, I squatted down when naked and inspected myself.
“Hey, I have two holes!” I exclaimed. Some people think that I’ve been fixated on those two orifices ever since. I prize my sexual life very highly, often think about it, frequently write about it here, either as diary entries or fictionalized pieces. I didn’t call this blog, “Pussy Stuff,” however.
Just as strong in me is that anal orientation. I vividly remember sitting around a table in a trendy restaurant in Los Angeles with a whole group of professional models years ago, when one stated, while talking about her ex-boyfriend, “He wanted to do ‘butt stuff’ so you know I had to kick him to the curb!” All the pretty faces around me nodded in agreement, but I silently rebelled. What the hell do you mean? That ‘butt stuff’ comprises so much of what I love, spanking and ass worship, anal sex and play, tickling and licking there! I realized how I wasn’t just in the minority, I was all alone in my thinking, an outlier, an outlaw. Far from allowing them to convert me, or letting them make me feel bad about how I strongly felt, I charted my own course.
So, let this piece serve as a welcome to anyone who just happened by on this “Love Our Lifestyle” Day! Please, look around, see if “Butt Stuff” appeals to your sensibilities. It isn’t the type of blog where I only post something every now and again. Because it’s a forum for my writing, my creative inspiration usually has me posting multiple times daily! I’ve only been blogging for ten months, but, as you can see, I’ve published over six hundred and sixty entries. Welcome! I hope that you like what you see here, that what I say will provoke your thinking, provoke your sexual interest as well. I hope you’ll want to comment about my writing, and colloquy with other readers, too. Just so you know, I “lurked” in the shadows for years, reading blogs like “My Bottom Smarts” and “Hermione’s Heart” before getting up the nerve to say anything. It’s more fun to participate; join us!

17 responses to “#661) Love Our Lifestyle”

  1. Yes, you do run a fun blog. Definitely an active too! My inbox is flooded with notifications from you 😅

    Yes, I do indeed enjoy spanking. I like other stuff too but mostly spanking is my kink. (By the way, for anyone who might discover that I too have a WordPress blog, my content is mostly religious in nature as I run a blog about Contemporary Polytheism so please skip over me if that doesn’t appeal to you since we’re networking)

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  2. Hi Jean Marie,

    I’m so pleased you could join us today. I can’t wait to read your post about friends, but I wanted to stop by here first and say thank you for being part of our spanko family.

    Happy LoL day!


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    • I feel blessed. I got out of classroom teaching, now have a job-sharing position in administration. When I am at work, the demands are such that I can multi-task, post with my panties pulled to the side. Half the time I am at home, just checking-in at work periodically by remote. So I can be naked, as I prefer, and write to my heart’s content (along with other, pulsing organs). I love being nasty in both venues, so that when my love comes home to me nightly, I have a whole host of things to confess to and be punished for. Life is good!
      I’ve tried to hold back, save the posts up, not touch myself. I haven’t been successful at that. I now define success as what I’m doing. It gives me joy!
      Do you think it’s too much?

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      • Not too much, but please excuse me if I do not have the time to read every post. I only have very limited screen time, every day. A result of being very outdoorsy, I suppose.



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