#662) To All My Friends Here

I mean the above sentiments from the heart! YOU make this blog what it is; I hope we can continue this “beautiful friendship” (as Rick said to Louie in “Casablanca”) for a long time to come!

2 responses to “#662) To All My Friends Here”

  1. I check out a lot of blogs . Most relate at least tangentially to spanking
    Spanking is a big part of me.
    All kinds of spanking. This blog is dedicated to that subject. That keeps me dedicated to this blog.
    I always love to read comments from other readers. They provide things I never thought of : different slants, personal stories, implement information( even
    though I am dedicated to only one group of those as you know.)
    Anyway it’s like this blog is all about a huge part of me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate
    you for this blog

    Thanx megabunches of bunches for ” Butt Stuff” !

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