#663) An End-Run

As you may know, I’ve had an on-going disagreement with the people who run this platform. They have rules against posting what they think is inappropriate, but do not publish those rules. When I specifically asked, they replied that they don’t discuss it. You only know that you’ve crossed a line when they inform you curtly that you are in danger of being suspended. I don’t want that! Consequently, I probably edit myself too strictly. I come across SO MANY photos and video clips that I’d love to post, but worry that they might be too graphic for whatever reason…

I think I’ve discovered an end-run, a way around them. They (apparently) do not want any female orifices below the belt to be shown. (I’m guessing that images above the belt are questionable, but I’m not into nostrils and ear holes…)

Both the painted lady above and the photo of the vixen at left are naked, but neither is visibly displaying any orifices. Their panties are covering those up! Get it?

I hope that you’re chuckling along with me at how ridiculous this is. But I also feel deliciously naughty. And you know how naughty girls get treated…

7 responses to “#663) An End-Run”

  1. I know! I know! Naughty girls get bare bottom spankings! I hope that is the right answer.
    Naughty but no orifices? It’s limiting but you are finding ” end runs” and you’re doin great.
    Of course you could change to “Oral Stuff” . Men often use a woman ‘s mouth and throat for sexual release and women often like to cooperate. Butt…would you be allowed to show tongues?
    Thanx for a thought

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  2. Yeah I don’t really get it either. I guess it’s because they don’t want WordPress to become an unofficial porn site. Might even be to combat porn piracy (insert booty jokes here). Though on the other hand, based on the subject material of the vast of blogs on this site, I would be honestly surprised if there were that many children on here if the goal was to keep it family-friendly.

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    • I sincerely hope that I am seen as family-friendly, Guason! I know of at least one married couple who both read this blog. I’d hope that some hubby would turn to his wife and say, “Jean Marie talks a lot about A) spanking as a prelude/foreplay for sex, B) butt sex,” and she’d read here and viola, they’re doing it! This is entirely altruistic, not prurient!


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