#664) Two Choices

Building upon what I just published in the last post, we all know how to properly treat the bottom of its naughty possessor (to try to be non-gender specific).

That naughty one has one of two choices when confronted with an immanent spanking. They can resist in some way, either overtly or covertly, actively or passively, physically fight back or brat. We all (at least secretly) want the upcoming spanking, so physical resistance is stupid. Perhaps to try to save face (and a little of the wear-and-tear on the tush), some bottoms choose to brat.

Once upon a time (not so very long ago), I was involved with an older gentleman with health issues, a heart condition and high blood pressure. The exertion of spanking and sex was taxing enough; I didn’t want to add to that by bratting and pissing him off. So I have made the choice to cooperate. He (and subsequent Tops, the love-of-my-life, the current beau included) have all been pleased and impressed that I will usually take my own panties down, provide my backside prominently, and say something along the lines of, “I’m ready for my spanking, sir.”

With that in mind, I’d like to present some photos of women who either have the subtext or the exact explicit words of that magical phrase.

The sweet young thing pictured above appears to be the same one as featured to the left. Maybe her Top was afraid that paddling her pert posterior on the couch might leave a tell-tale stain, so he asked her to lean against a nearby wall. In both postures, the receptive expression on her pretty face seems to be saying the same thing, “I’m ready for my spanking, sir…”

Don’t you love the way a garter belt and hose frame the target area so provocatively? She’s ready…

Here’s another big bottomed brunette, sticking that delectable derriere right out, her position and her attitude and that sly smile are all saying the same thing, “I’m ready for my spanking. I know I’ve got it coming. I’ve earned it, deserve it, and to be honest, actually want it. Here’s my bum. Take me to task, please, sir…”

This lass may be shy, or coy, or concerned with how much it’s going to hurt. But the subtext is the same, as loud as if she yelled it right out loud.

Finally, please look at this adorable college co-ed, just moving into her new dorm room. Maybe a boyfriend is helping her move. Maybe a female roommate is assisting as she gets settled. Regardless, this sweetie wants to maintain a good relationship, whatever that relationship is (or might evolve to become). The other person in the room turns around to find panties at half-staff and a cute bottom arched out.

“I think I may have inadvertently stepped on your toes. I didn’t mean to do so. But amends should be made. I’m ready to be spanked. Would you do the honors?”

I like this theme! I think you’ll see more photos in the future with accompanying written pieces, all about that magic phrase, “I’m ready… Are you ready to give me what I need?”

4 responses to “#664) Two Choices”

  1. I love this post!
    Most of the spankings I have given have been for behavior correction. I become very aroused when the miscreant is contrite and respectful and simply surrenders to the spanking.
    She may not really want the correction but she accepts my judgment and just surrenders to it. This affects me on so many levels : there are too many to address here. She probably will receive fewer swats because I feel so good about her for her attitude.
    Thanx bunches for this post that resonates so strongly!

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  2. I too like this theme! My favourite girl shown here…although all are deserving…is the big-bottomed brunette. She has a bottom which would provide the spanker with a glorious target…and she’s wearing glasses!
    Sophie x

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    • I laughed loud, right out loud as I read your comment, Sophie. She was my personal favorite. Those glasses drove me crazy with lust for her big bum. I’m afraid I’d be very cruel with her… Which inspires the fantasy of having a threesome, her in those glasses, you with that lovely hair piled on your head, and me, as naked as the day I was born, as naked as I am right now… (SWOON!)


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