#666) The Platinum Blond Who Wasn’t

I dreamed about Marilyn Monroe last night; she sometimes visits my subconscious. Maybe this visit was inspired by my posting about platinum blond beauties.

As the photo above documents, Marilyn wasn’t really a platinum blond. Maybe it’s more correct to say that young Norma Jean was a strawberry blond, and when she became Marilyn, she became a platinum blond.

This is how we think of M.M., whenever her iconic image is invoked. At least hair-wise. She was really very intelligent, but we don’t think that.

Here she is with Marlon Brando, another icon. They never worked together. She attended the Lee Strasberg school, while he was a devotee of Stella Adler. Both are Method instructors. Both Marlon and Marilyn were misunderstood, fragile souls, in my opinion. It would have been great if they had filmed something together.

She did work with Laurence Olivier. He was the epitome of the great English stage actors, working from the outside in to get at the character. Theirs was not a happy working experience.

This is Marilyn near the end of her tragic, too short life. This was when she was rumored to have had affairs with both Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

As I said, misunderstood, fragile, tragic. As Elton said, “A Candle in the Wind.”

I won’t recount last night’s dream; I find it boring when people do that. But it was a happy, sexual, fulfilling dream. I hope that’s how she feels in the afterlife.

5 responses to “#666) The Platinum Blond Who Wasn’t”

  1. With how kinda silly she was at times, I definitely think it’d be fun to spank Marilyn Monroe. Probably a really fun OTK hand spanking. Though knowing myself that might devolve into a much more severe thrashing my lust grows but that’s as far as my brain is allowing me to go in thought without being in the moment

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    • I’m right there with you, Guason! I think her silliness was a defensive reaction, put on. I think she’d really benefit from a sound spanking, discover that it was integral to who she was, get off of pills and booze and become addicted to discipline, come out as a blond mainstream Bettie Page. She could’ve revolutionized our scene, she could’ve realized her full potential… If only…


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