#668) Nicely Done

Mummy and Daddy waited until Chastity went away to college to announce that they were getting a divorce. It really pissed Chastity off! She started acting out. Chas was still popular. But she didn’t attend cheerleading practice consistently, and so was demoted to the second string squad. And she didn’t study as conscientiously, so her grades started to slip from the Honor Roll.

Now when Chastity went home, it was to two separate places. When Daddy saw that Chas (that was his pet name for her) wasn’t cheering on the sidelines of the next football game, we called her into his room for “a talk.”

As soon as Chas saw Daddy’s pillows arranged that way on his bed, she knew what was up. She lowered her pajama bottoms and assumed the position. His strap had a long, eloquent discussion with Chas’ ass. After he’d leathered her good and hard, he said the words he always said at this moment, ever since she’d been young.

“Nicely done, Chas, darling! You took that very well! Let that be a lesson to you, motivate you to do your best in life as well.”

It took Mummy a little longer to realize the score. It took about two weeks for her to see posted grades on the college’s computer website. It just happened to be a weekend when Chas was at her place, it was her weekend for visitation.

Mummy didn’t stack pillows on the bed. She preferred that Chas (her pet name for her, too, once she saw the bond that father and daughter had developed years ago) kneel on the steamer-trunk at the end of Mummy’s bed, and present her ass nice and high. PJ bottoms had to be down for her, too. Mummy preferred the cane for instruction. If anything, she was harder with it than Daddy was with the strap. (Mummy had a lot of pent-up anger.) After mother had striped daughter’s derriere very thoroughly, she said the speech she’d heard from her ex-husband at such times.

“Nicely done, Chas dear! You took your licks like a good girl. Get those grades up, or there will be a lot more of that in your future…”

When Chastity’s boyfriend, Charlie, saw Tity’s tush (his pet name for his girl, wasn’t he funny?), he caressed the bruised and welted butt and asked her about it.

“My parents are Neanderthals, okay? They believe in corporal punishment. It’s almost a religion to them! Now that they live in separate households, I have to answer to both individually. It wasn’t enough that Daddy strapped me good, I had ‘to turn the other cheek’ as it were, and see that Mummy didn’t ‘spare the rod and spoil me’ too!”

Charlie found her marks fascinating. Under the guise of massaging her soreness there, he rubbed and stared and parted and memorized every nuance of her backside.

“That feels really nice,” Chastity sighed. “Truth to tell, I hate the pain and humiliation of the punishments, but I’m proud of the marks afterward, and I love the way it feels right now…”

Charlie started to spank Tity, little more than love-pats, but it did the trick. It got them both highly aroused. So Tity finally let Charlie go all the way with her. This set the pattern from then on. He’d pull her pants down while parked in his car in an empty lot, admire and massage her bruises until she attacked him and fucked him silly. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Tity often spanked herself hard the day before her dates with Charlie, just so she’d have something to show him.

“You wouldn’t believe how hard my Dad spanked me last night!” she’d lament. And the two lovers were off and soaring on a one-way flight to Fucksville.

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