#669) To This Writer’s Mind

Please don’t misinterpret this post as bragging. But I got such a sense of self-satisfaction from writing the last piece, “Nicely Done,” that I wanted to dissect it, discuss it.

The three photos that I used are not of the same submissive model, but they were all close enough in resemblance to pass, and I liked how they presented their respective bottoms so “nicely,” so unabashedly high. Seen together, the story line just came to me all at once.

It seemed to write itself as I composed beginning, middle, and then end. I like it when the characters occur to me fully-blown and well defined, so that the action seems to flow out naturally from who they are. I hope that they seem identifiable to you, as they did to me. I like it when that plot is coherent with no holes to have to repair as I write. I like it when the spanking and/or sex are integral to the plot. I like it when the sexiness is strong enough that I have to touch myself as I write and wrap it up! I really like that! Talk about a sense of satisfaction; ummm!

It’s that synergy between us, writer and reader, that gets me off most. When I’ve written something that I think is entertaining, and feel in my bones is sexy, and I hit that “publish” button, I get that sense of “nicely done.”

One response to “#669) To This Writer’s Mind”

  1. I also like it when the spanking/sex is an important part of the story butt if sex is the enticement wouldn’t it be better to have three holes instead of none?
    Thanx bunches for the great post!

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