#671) Tattoo

I don’t have any tattoos. I think about getting one. Often. They seem to go with an outlaw reputation.

But they are so permanent. And I’m so mercurial.

I understand that it hurts more to get one in a place where bone is right under the skin surface. A tattoo on one’s spine, like above, must then be agony to get drilled into one’s hide…

If I ever do get one (probably connected to me starting drinking again…), I’ll never get one on my face or neck. Probably not a “tramp stamp” (although I’m told there are Chinese characters that could spell out “Enter here”).

I like the subtlety of this one.

Or these.

One place I would NEVER get a tattoo is on my butt! My butt is sacred territory, like an Indian burial ground kind of reverential, sacred.

I prefer to have a tattoo beaten into my bottom with hands and implements of ass destruction, not ink pens.

This is not permanent. This is also so erotically beautiful to me.

Compared to this, which doesn’t do it for me.


Not this.

But, that’s just like, my opinion, man, to quote the Big Lebowski.

One response to “#671) Tattoo”

  1. I HATE them.

    Years ago, a late night and long drive and I’m listening to the radio, and the topic is tattoos.
    A very small percentage of the women callers had and loved them.
    Some percentage were thinking about it.
    More than half were an adamant, “No!”

    Second question was along the lines: “Would you see or have a relationship with someone with tattoos?”
    A lot of the women said “No.”
    MORE than half the men callers gave a firm, “No!”

    The question in my mind, then, for single women contemplating a tat was, “If more than half of the eligible males would not have a relationship with someone tatted up – why would you get one? Why would you cut yourself OFF from more than half the eligibles?”

    No answer, of course. I shoulda’, called in…

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