#672) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Office Edition

The fantasy of office spanking has always been super potent for me. You know the one, you’re called into the boss’ office and informed that you’ve made a huge, costly business error. You must be fired… but, you might be allowed to keep your job, if you will submit to a good, hard spanking. A paddle, or strap, or even a dreaded cane might need to be employed. You need this job’s income, can’t afford the time it’d take to find a new one. You agree to it…

Never mind the fact that I’ve hated several of my past bosses, who probably would have taken advantage of this fantasy, if it were magically to become reality, and would’ve punished me with corporal discipline daily. It still gets me hot and bothered.

Imagine, in that sterile work environment, that you are to bare your bottom and bend over the boss’ desk for discipline. (It’d be even richer if you were not alone with just the boss, that his boss was observing the proceedings, as pictured above!)

Imagine your boss staring at your bared bottom, lecturing as he starts to spank. Imagine how much more it’d sting due to the circumstances. I don’t think I’d be able to hold back the tears.

Imagine that he then says that just a hand spanking won’t be sufficient. You feel the tapping of the cane on your warm tush…


Of course, your boss might not be a handsome man. They might be a woman, even an old crone of a woman. Would this make it better or worse?

I threw this drawing in for very personal reasons. The female doesn’t resemble me much. But the male is the spitting image of someone I used to know. To know quite well, know in the Biblical sense. I’ll just call him K. I loved K deeply, dearly. Strange circumstances interfered, and I lost track, lost touch with K. I wish that we could reconnect (in every sense of that word)!

Back to the fantasy… The handsome boss calls you back into the storeroom, bares you himself, puts you firmly in place OTK, spanks with such authority, such mastery. You realize that he’s done this a lot, done it in his private life. You feel his hardness pressing urgently against your hip. The spanks ignite a raging fire, not just in your butt, but in your loins. When he puts you back on your feet, with your dress pulled up and your panties still down, and your sex engorged and matted with arousal, and his erection threatening to tear its way out of his tight suit pants, what do you do, what do you say?

4 responses to “#672) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Office Edition”

  1. It’s almost a paradox to consider that a boss could be a pain in the butt. …and that is a GOOD thing!
    Hey any more or less good reason to spank a not so dedicated female would brighten my day immensely!
    Thanx bunches for the inspirational post.. and the great pics!

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