#673) Praise for Bonnie at “My Bottom Smarts”

I just read that Bonnie has decided to discontinue her blog, “My Bottom Smarts.” This felt like a hard kick to my stomach. I feel sick, sad, hurt, winded. I do not fault her, I completely understand! She’s been blogging for seventeen years!

She has been a matriarch, I mean that, a real mother-figure. She has been a mentor, patterning for all of us who came behind how to do this. She has been a spanko role model. She has been a sage, publishing “how-to” tutorials, giving great advice.

Most of all, I see her as an important hub at the center of a load-bearing wheel. Without her being there, I fear for our stability, our direction, our progress.

I would so love to know who she is, have her for a neighbor, be able to drop by to talk, share a cup of tea, get to meet her husband Randy, see their dynamic.

She will be missed, missed terribly! I need to go crawl into a fetal ball and cry.

5 responses to “#673) Praise for Bonnie at “My Bottom Smarts””

  1. I didn’t know it has been 17 years. I look at her blog occasionally.
    I am sorry for our loss. She is part of the very foundation of what we do.
    Thanx for letting us know.

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  2. Thank you, Jean Marie and all, for your kind words. Please don’t cry for me. I live a wonderful life where so many dreams have come true. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my spanko experiences with friends even as I learn from them. I’m proud of what we have achieved as a community and my small contribution to its success.

    I am retired, but not dead. If ever I may be of assistance, you know how to contact me.


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