#674) A No-Moving-Picture Word-Picture

(Sometimes I’ll see a photo or video clip, and it will inspire a story in my mind. Sometimes, I’ll write a story, and find some photo that illustrates my words fairly well. But some still/moving pictures are more provocative than evocative, too risqué for this platform to allow. Because I don’t want you, my readers, to miss out, I’m going to write some tales under the above heading, and try to paint a picture with my words alone.)
They look to be in their twenties, in the nude, in the front seat of a car. He is seated behind the steering wheel. She is riding him hard in the cowgirl position. It looks to be a very enjoyable, extremely energetic fuck. The thing is, the car is speeding down the highway. Scenery is whizzing by the car window. The car appears to be doing about ninety mph. Apparently, the automatic driving function is engaged because no hands are on the wheel, no eyes are on the road. These things are saved one for the other in that front seat. He’s focused on driving her crazy with his cock, not at all on driving the speeding car. I’d call this video clip “Thrill Ride.”

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