#675) A No-Moving – Picture Word – Picture #2

They are the kind of buttocks only bestowed upon a girl who is compellingly young, economically privileged, physically active. Compellingly young because you’d turn away if she appeared under-age, or so old that those cheeks started to get a little like cottage cheese, saggy, less than at their prime. Instead, you are compelled to stare. Economically privileged because this young lady ate wholesome food in healthful quantities her whole life, caught her fair share of sunshine, some of that in the nude in the great outdoors. It’s an all-over tan and it’s burnished as brown as mahogany. (There is no tell-tale white crescent under each of her pert buttocks betraying that she used a tanning bed, whose rays couldn’t reach every nook and cranny.) You cannot help imagining how those tan cheeks would blush, if you were to tan her hide with a sound spanking. It’s physically active because it is the perfect ratio between toned muscle and baby fat that only a young woman of about twenty-two or three can achieve. It jiggles in a way that is mesmerizing, like a Jello mold being brought to the table by unsteady hands.
The buns flex once, giving the spectator an appreciation that the gluteus maximus is the largest in the human body, and then relax. It is in this relaxed state that the buns are parted. A hand grasps each cheek and pulls them outward, exposing the deep valley and the tiny, tight rosebud that blooms therein. Either she’s genetically predisposed to being hairless or she’s had the region waxed. The rosebud itself has been bleached, so that it is a pale pink, so much like an actual rose blossom, a bud that is just starting to open. Watching it wink at you through the camera, you’d swear that this aperture had never done anything but solicit attention from passers-by, like an expensive prostitute, that the orifice was another little mouth to give johns head in its own special way. This anus could never have had anything to do with excrement or flatulence or anything like that; it’s too clean, too pure, too innocent. How ironic that, at the same time, it promises the potential of an act so dirty, so debauched, so decadent. You long to put your tongue on that rosebud, in that rosebud’s petals…
That’s the entire video, a set of buttocks, a flex, a parting of the ways, revealing just as much beauty within as without the callipygous mounds. You could (and will) watch it over and over again and never tire of the plot and featured player. I’d entitled this video “A Clap Deserving of a Round of Applause.” Males watching the short clip have been known to give it a standing ovation with their manhood. I’d like to give it my own one-handed ovation by spanking that ass crimson!

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