#676) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Girls Private School Edition #1

Even more potent for me than the fantasy of office punishment (as in post #672) is school punishment. This post will address preparatory steps for punishment in a fictional girls private school. Oakwood Knoll Academy is a preparatory school, preparing young ladies who have graduated from high school for the rigors of college. All of the young ladies enrolled in Oakwood Knoll have had disciplinary problems in other institutions. So corporal punishment is practiced at Oakwood Knoll.

Punishment is administered wherever, whenever an offense occurs, its severity dependent upon the infraction, and the offending girl’s past history of infractions. The smiling girl pictured above was caught smoking in the common room of her dormitory. The first time Patty was caught for this, she was spanked. She discovered that she liked it. This time she will be strapped. Patty is looking forward to seeing what that is like.

This sunny, innocent-looking young lady is really a hard core offender. Amanda’s bottom has been spanked, and strapped, and caned multiple times for ever-escalating offenses. She, too, quite enjoys the punishment, constantly looks for ways to experience more of it.

Here is her cohort, Rachel, also caught in the make-up room, also a repeat-offender, also about to receive a set with the cane.

This co-ed was caught cheating on a unit test in her classroom. The same fate awaits Ashley, the same anticipation beats in her racing heart at the prospect.

This student is one of the most hardened cases in all of Oakwood Knoll Academy. Tricia’s proud of the seven times her bottom has felt the rattan cane. Her first set was comprised of six of the best stripes that the Headmistress could lay on. Those sets have increased with each subsequent offense. Does Tricia look afraid of what she’s about to receive?

This is Tricia’s lesbian lover and dormitory roommate, Tiffany. Every time Tricia misbehaves, so does Tiffany, almost as though they have a pact to get the same number of welts the same number of times.

The first, preparatory step in the punishment process at Oakwood Knoll is the flipping up of the plaid skirt, and the lowering of the offender’s knickers. Knickers used to be regulation, standardized navy blue cotton briefs. Too many students purposefully broke the rules and wore other types, just to get their first spanking, so this rule was relaxed. The rule stipulating that all punishment, no matter the implement or the severity, from bare hand to razor strap to prison strap to rattan cane, all punishment be administered on the bared buttocks has not been relaxed.

The second step is to spank said bared buttocks with a bare hand. This warm-up gets the target area ready for heavier measures, if warranted. It also prepares the mind of the recipient for what is to come, and the mind of the administrator to be as hard as necessary to see that justice is sentenced and executed.

(This photo is from Spanking Emporium.)

And the third step is for the offender to sit upon her freshly-spanked bottom for a few moments of reflection, before sterner measures are taken (if called for). Both the student pictured above on the stool, and this student are about to feel the cane for the first time. This student, Donna, doesn’t appear quite as relaxed as her peers.

(This photo is from Real Spanking Institute.)

As you can see, this young lady has had her knicks removed, has had her adorable cheeks burnished as brightly with a sound spanking as they had previously been by the sun. She’s had her moment of reflection. Now she is going to feel twenty licks with the razor strap. If she cannot maintain this proper posture for the entire strapping, she will be bent over her bed. But she will receive extra licks for this.

There is more to say about Oakwood Knoll and punishment, but that will have to wait for another post.

4 responses to “#676) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Girls Private School Edition #1”

  1. I want to work there! It seems that some miscreants have no fear of a spanking there. (Has anyone tried a long handled bath brush?) In fact, they enjoy them. How does one get across to them. Expel them and focus on the most vulnerable young criminals.
    That’s where I would be so valuable. I just keep a supply of the above mentioned bath brushes, tawses, capsaicin creme, ginger root and paddles and seek tears and frantic promises from the now reformed delinquents.
    Of course there would be no padded chairs or cushioned sofas to sit those deep red and bruised bottoms on.
    All discipline is front of an assembly of all students and faculty. When an offender finally breaks and begins to beg
    there will be several tingling bottoms in the room.
    Yes, I can (happily and erotically) see myself as the Dean of Corrections.
    THAT is my new favorite fantasy! Btw female faculty are eligible for correctional procedures as well.mmmmm
    Thanx megabunches for igniting the possibility of this fantasy!


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  2. Somewhere I have a recent (as in the past 2-years) and real photo of 3 or 4 high school girls outside the principal’s office, each holding the permission slip signed by a parent that OKed a paddling that a local school board brought back. They were all smiling for the camera because they were going to ‘get it.’ The more slender one of the group not smiling as much as the others.

    I think it was only 3-4 swats, but – those girls would be class ‘Heroes!’ for a few days after.

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    • There are several states in America today (all Southern) where corporal punishment is still practiced, usually with the protocol you describe. These girls would be my personal heroes, especially if they would describe in detail all the events of the paddling, maybe even let me have a look at the derriere damage!


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