#677) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Girls Private School Edition #2

Of course, the majority of the infractions by students at Oakwood Knoll Academy occur in the classroom.

This student has just been caught both passing a note and talking in class. (The two offenses were related; her next-door neighbor refused to pass the note, so Jenny yelled at her to do so, and was caught.)

Jenny has been order to stand up. Her skirt has been raised and her knickers lowered and her buttocks proffered. This will serve as Jenny’s reflection time. But her teacher is now calling down to the Headmistress’ office over the intercom. The teacher wants to determine Jenny’s past punishment history. Her offense would normally warrant a thorough hand spanking. But, if this isn’t Jenny’s first offense, she will receive more than that spanking. That spanking might be the prelude to a full-on caning if Jenny has a very checkered past.

Here is a lovely video of a student receiving a hand spanking at the hand of her teacher. The teacher has chosen to start this spanking on the student’s knicker-clad bottom, and then have the offender remove her knicks part-way through. Notice how this teacher has also chosen to have the entire class “assume the position” over their desks with skirts flipped and drawers pulled down. Perhaps more than one student will receive discipline today.

Regardless of whether it is one student, more, or the entire class being called up for discipline one-at-a-time, they are all ready for their punishment at this girls private school, preparatory Oakwood Knoll Academy.

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