#678) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Girls Private School Edition #3

As you can see from the above drawing, although the majority of student infractions occur in the classroom, not all do. As a matter of fact, the administration at Oakwood Knoll Academy has discovered that maintenance punishment serves a wonderfully detrimental effect on classroom misbehaviors. So, once a week, on Saturday night, when all the girls have bathed, and it’s almost time for lights out, the Headmistress appears in the girls dormitories (there are four in total), several pliant rattan canes in hand. The girls know to assume the proper position for bedtime punishment, nightdresses pulled up, arses elevated. For good measure, most girls get a stripe or two. Some may receive a full set of a sixer. On rare occasion, the Headmistress may want to make an example of a particular miscreant, and a long lesson is administered for everyone’s benefit and edification. Several canes may be needed because the Headmistress has been known to break an old, worn out cane across the arse of a student. What the Headmistress was unaware of was the fact that when the lights finally were extinguished, a great number of girls with fresh stripes burning across their buttocks chose to relieve themselves with some late night jilling-off. Some bold girls even got into another’s bed for a licking and tickling session.

As a side note, I never attended a girls private school growing up (although I clearly thought about it a great deal). I did attend an old school with huge casement windows in the classrooms. I spent a lot of time in school daydreaming. My fantasies centered around my misbehaving in class, being called-out for it, being summoned to one of those windows. The teacher would make me lean out the window half-way, and then the heavy window sill would be lowered down on my lower back. In that trapped position, my cut-off jeans and underpants would be lowered, and my naked and deserving buttocks would be summarily caned by my teacher. All outside the classroom would be treated to the cacophony of a senior getting her butt thrashed, all those inside the room would be treated to this view.

Apparently, some other kinkster had the same fantasy because that’s not a self-portrait, that is a nice depiction of my daydream…

Then I happened upon this photo. Apparently some other kinkster designed a contraption to do what I only fantasized about. The screw-thread press on her lower back is not intended to hold her in place, just to remind her to do so. If she can’t hold still for her thrashing, she can be restrained over a punishment block where her wrists, ankles, and waist can be strapped down securely. And, of course, extra lashes would need to be administered to he buttocks of any girl who doesn’t have the self-discipline to hold still for her prescribed discipline.

4 responses to “#678) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Girls Private School Edition #3”

  1. The window restraint is wonderful because the crying, screaming and the begging can be heard throughout the neighborhood, possibly attracting a crowd of onlookers.
    Jean Marie this compilation MUST be a chapter in your upcoming book!
    Thanx megabunches for this series!!!!

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