#680) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Restaurant Edition

The need for a spanking doesn’t always happen at opportune times, and sometimes it just can’t wait until you get home.

The young lady pictured above has been misbehaving all evening on her date with her loving Top, rude, talking back, being disagreeable. It was as though she was challenging her Top to do something about it. So he did. In no-uncertain-terms, he instructed her to go into the ladies restroom, remove all of her clothing, and to come back to the table ready to receive a very sound and very public spanking…

It was the same situation with this blond and her Top, the only differences are that it was a luncheon date, and she was allowed to go out on a less crowded patio for her comeupance.

This deserving sub was luckier still; she was allowed to keep her top on, and misbehaved in a semi-private alcove. She wasn’t as lucky because she was made to sit on her soon-to-be-spanked bottom to think about her poor behavior choices. Her Top is angered enough to give her sets of spanks, making her sit and reflect in between each volley.

This lass has just been informed that she is going to be spanked, right here and right now on this patio. Notice her hardened nipples; this news scares her but also thrills her.

“How many spanks, sir?”

“I don’t know. That somewhat depends on how you take your punishment, and whether you keep me waiting longer…”

As she stands up, she asks, “May I keep my pants on?”

“Certainly not!” and he assists her in lowering both pants and underpants…

This pretty lass just received the same news, a spanking is immanent, her compliance is requested, to stand, raise the hem of her dress, and lie over her Top’s lap. She is foolishly wondering if it’s possible to make a run for it. She wisely decides that she wouldn’t get far, and causing that kind of a scene would only attract more attention to her plight.

“Can you spank me as quietly as possible, sir?”

“That partly depends on how much you fuss and holler… but hard spanks are fairly loud in their report… you’ve earned this…”

This unfortunate raven-haired beauty is probably unluckiest of all. She chose to misbehave in a family-style casual restaurant. She’s about to get a bare bottom spanking turned over the back of her banquet-seat. Right in front of lots of on-lookers, including a number of children. She voices this concern as she pulls her pants down and turns over for it.

“Let that be a lesson to them that this is how naughty little ones get treated for acting up…”

“Yes, sir,” she whispers, already feeling chastised. “I’m ready for my spanking, sir…”

8 responses to “#680) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Restaurant Edition”

  1. Restaurant spanking! Ahhhh, memories.

    My first spanking GF, who could orgasm from a spanking.

    BITTER cold and WINDY February night and we go to a restaurant we liked.
    She’s wearing a short, LBD.
    It was so windy and cold I let her off at door and go park the car about 2-3 blocks away.
    Seated, and she starts talking about this and that.
    I’m just looking at her. And then start to think what I want to do to her later.
    I don’t even know what she’s talking about!
    She notices I’m somewhere else.
    I look as deeply as I can into her eyes – and just give her the evil smile.
    “Oh, no! Really????” She knows!
    Bigger smile!!!!
    “Ohhhhhh…” (Face in hands.)

    After main course is over, I tell her to go to ladies room and take off EVERYTHING underneath and stick in her her purse.

    She does, comes back all sexy looking.
    Walking back through the crowded restaurant she’s turned on because it was so….dirty.
    Ordered to do something she would not normally do – and she did it.
    It was erotic.

    A light dessert, after dinner drinks, time to leave.
    I tell her she has to leave her coat open and let her skin feel that frigid cold.
    She does, and her skin comes alive!!!
    And we all know about cold and nipples!

    Get in the car, kiss, then drive.
    With the windows partially open to let that cold in!
    We go a couple miles and pull off into a dark and public park because I can’t take it anymore!!
    I have her kneel on the seat, bent over the back, lifted her skirt to bare her bottom.
    A little caressing her taut bottom, a couple simple love slaps to remind her what’s coming, and back on the road!

    At home, some spanking to warm her up, then gave her “petals” a severe tongue lashing, followed by slapping our uglies.

    A great night. She loved it! And so did I.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    • I truly wish that I had a “Love” button to click; I more than “Like” this comment!
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! You made it come to life!
      Much more than warmly, ready to combust,
      Jean Marie


      • Funny the things you remember.

        By the time we got to my place her skin was really cold. Inside, clothes were thrown everywhere in seconds and we were wrapped together skin-on-skin. That feeling of her cold body against mine almost made me blow my load right there. In my mind I can still feel that cold body. And her passion.

        (Maybe I should have put her out in the cold and nekked’ for a while before commencing round #2?)

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      • Just a thought…

        “Ordering” her to go to the restroom and take off everything underneath her LBD is what I did to (for?) her. Going in I wasn’t planning on doing that, it just came to me as I was thinking how much I liked/desired her.

        And now that you know – why don’t YOU do it? In reverse.

        Next time you are in a restaurant or other public place and get a wild hare (hair?), go to the restroom and take all underneath OFF!

        When you get back with him, get “that look” on your face and see if he does what my GF then did; “What? What?”

        And then comes the dawn!

        You could write a post about it!


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  2. What a thrill! Adding pretty colors to a poorly behaving adult female would replace a dessert course any time! Of course I would have to borrow a large spatula to replace a paddle.
    Now I want to eat out but not eat!
    Thanx bunches for a new fantasy!!

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