#681) A Roll in the Hay

As previously mentioned, I spent seminal summers on my grandparents’ farm. The phrase, “a roll in the hay” was synonymous with making-out sexually.

Please look at the above photo. All of these women are naked save for boots and a few hats. They’re stripped down and ready for action. No, they aren’t members of 4-H club. The bunnies are not some farm project. The women are non-verbally saying that they like to fuck like rabbits, that they are breeders.

This fetching beauty is saying the same thing by not wearing any panties and giving that come-hither look.

Same thing for this gorgeous creature. I’d like to offer a word of caution to these two; if you wear clothing during a roll in the hay, little bits of the stuff will stick to your garments, and be a tell-tale hint about what you’ve done.

This cutie has the better idea of being naked for her roll. She’s offering an invitation…

The same cordial invitation is being offered by this blond.

Interestingly, all three of these women are in the same posture. If you’ve had a nude roll in the hay with someone, you know that hay is coarse and can be prickly. So they are not on their backs with thighs splayed; they are on knees with butts proffered.

You know me, I’m going to present equal time for lesbians and bi-sexuals. Here are two farm girls about to have some fun. Hope they don’t get caught by one of their Daddies; he’d likely razor strap their cute little butts for sinning so boldly…

And if you know me, I’m going to feature some spanky-action in the hay loft. Enjoy!

4 responses to “#681) A Roll in the Hay”

  1. Love it! Also couldn’t help but think of Terri Garrs awesome Inga character in the classic movie young Frankenstein…Definitely would have been spanking her on a regular basis 🔥

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  2. “Farm livin’ is the life for me!”
    I don’t know if anyone knows where that quote comes from butt along that same mode I would have loved to spank Eva Gabor in the cornfield but she “gets allergic smelling hay.”
    Thanx bunches for a great post!

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    • I receive a channel called MeTV & they show “Green Acres.” Your show would be called “Red Arses.” Spanking Eva Gabor would be mahvelous, dahling! Spank her blond, pampered bottom hard and long! Make the snooty little bitch do ALL KINDS of nasty, depraved things! (Oh, fuck, I’m turned-on thinking about this!) Thank YOU for the inspiration!


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