#682) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Home Edition #1

Just like accidents, most spankings happen in the home. We all can guess that most of those spankings happen in the bedroom (and we all know why).

More about that later, but THIS post will concern spanking at home in other locales.

The beautifully-big-bottomed brunette pictured above is in the living room. Oh, the lucky person who gets to hear her say those magically enchanting words, “I’m nude and ready for my spanking…”

This equally beautiful, equally big bottomed submissive is kneeling on the ottoman in her living room, equally ready for discipline.

This lass is kneeling on the carpet in her living room. Neither of these last two women are nude, but I’m not complaining.

This swim-suited sub is on her patio. (Notice her well-developed thigh; she never misses leg-day at the gym!) She’d like for you to spank her in the sunshine, on a tight tushy where the sun rarely shines.

And this blond with the ample understanding is in her bathroom, waiting patiently for her spanking. Does it look to you, as it does to me, that her left cheek shows evidence of a caning? Are those welted stripes on her fair fanny? Regardless, she needs spanking, she’s ready for it in mind and body, she’s thinking the mantra you taught her, “I’m ready for my spanking… Please don’t make me beg…!”

2 responses to “#682) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Home Edition #1”

  1. I’m fairly certain they are cane marks, Jean Marie. Yes, she appears to be sitting, on what can only be described as her big bottom, on the rim of the bath. She wouldn’t have to ask me more than once to deal with that naughty bottom of hers, just as you wouldn’t either my dear one!
    Sophie x

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