#683) Flamingos

I just heard that a resort in the Bahamas is offering the chance to practice yoga among a flock of flamingos. Maybe other places around the word have this, too. I know about lots of venues that have yoga with goats. I practice some yoga positions daily, but neither of these varieties interest me. Both of these creatures defecate. Can you imagine stretching in some challenging pose, trying to maintain the correct deep breathing, while creatures are getting on you (goats), pecking at you (shown in the TV segment on flamingos), pooping all around? No thank you!

Eva didn’t want to do yoga with flamingos, she wanted to be a flamingo! When she saw the flock at the water’s edge, she hurried down to the shore to join them, trying not to spook them as she peeled her dress off over her head. She moved like they did. She stood on one leg like they did. A crowd gathered on the nearby hotel’s balcony to watch. She had studied flamingos, watched wildlife footage of them, she thought like a flamingo.

Eva’s boyfriend, Randy, wasn’t impressed. He strolled down to join Eva and her adopting flock. He waded in to stand beside her. His one criticism was cogent.

“Your plumage isn’t pink enough,” he announced. Randy turned Eva over under his left arm. He spanked her exposed backside. Randy spanked Eva until her facial cheeks blushed rosy and her rear cheeks glowed brightly.

The observing crowd cheered. Eva stormed off, headed to her hotel room.

“How dare you?” she demanded, when Randy came into the room, a smirk on his handsome face.

“This is how I dare,” he returned, and turned Eva over his knee for another dose of medicine.

The couple didn’t come out of their room all afternoon and evening, not even for dinner. It’s just as well, the hotel’s restaurant wasn’t serving plankton.

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