#685) A No-Still-Picture Word-Picture #3

Of all the photos I’ve gleaned, about one thousand of them, this one is my absolute favorite. If I could, I’d feature it on the Home page of my blog. It says it all. But the platform deems it pornographic. So, I will describe it to you.
A woman lies face-down on her bed. She is nude, pale, well-made, with a lovely bottom framed perfectly in the camera shot. One of her legs is cocked-up, so that her butt crack is open slightly. Her bottom has been punished recently. There is a red imprint in the shape of a slapper on a riding crop’s tip quite clearly visible on her right cheek. Maybe she was spanked as well as whipped; her white bottom is very red. But the impression is that this was not a haphazard punishment; it looks as though orchestrated by a gifted maestro, choreographed by a talented dancer, painted by an insightful artist, executed by an experienced Top.
As if that wasn’t beautiful enough, a man’s hand is reaching out and up between her legs. His index finger is up that ass crack, penetrating her anus to the first joint. I can feel that invasion. It is so evocative, my rosebud tingles as my eyes drink in the photo. I don’t know if the finger belongs to the photographer. I do know that I experience that finger like I do the one rendered by Michelangelo, belonging to God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, ready to touch life into Adam. I feel, I welcome it, I love it. Therefore, I’d call this piece of art, “The Most Divine Touch.”

One response to “#685) A No-Still-Picture Word-Picture #3”

  1. You describe things sooo well. You also came up with nice names for art. I am too countrified to be able to do that. For example, you had a high class name for that picture. After a lot of thought the best name I could come up with is ” Rosebud,” but that is a misleading kind of name. “Anus ” is a bit too medical….
    Thanx bunches for the art discussion…..!


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