#686) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Home Edition #2

The kitchen, where the heat is, where things get cooking; this post will feature photos of women in the kitchen. But preparing meals is not the focus here, spanking is.

The attractive miss pictured above is ready for hers, naked, bottom stuck out, waiting; she makes my mouth water!

This darling dear is waiting for you to lower her panties, but has bent well over, presented her posterior perfectly for punishment.

This panty-clad, pert and callipygous butt is at the ready for spanks. It’s owner is busying herself, to take her mind off the punishment to come. I hope this kitchen is equipped with detectors because this butt is smokin’!

This woman is also doing some food preparation, so as not to dwell on her upcoming tushy-treatment. Is she basting, or roasting? Her bottom soon will be basted and roasted, maybe even scorched and burned.

This submissive doesn’t seem intimidated by what’s in-store. Her expression seems to be saying, there’s my bottom, what do you want to do with it? You own it, make it yours…

This pixie has bared her bum, is awaiting your instructions. “Would you like me bent over the counter, sir? I’ll have to stand on tip-toes to do that. Would that be alright? Are you going to spank me hard? Will you make it better, afterward, with kisses? …I guess I’m prattling on because I’m nervous. Let’s get this over with…”

No worries from this sous chef as she preps a meal and sways to the music. She’s looking forward to her spanking. She knows that love-making ALWAYS follows your discipline. Do you think you can swat a swaying target?

4 responses to “#686) I’m Ready for My Spanking – Home Edition #2”

  1. This is a cafeteria line of sweet female bottoms!
    I love #1 butt #6 is my favorite. She offers the nicely formed bottom that just begs for color that I can provide!
    Thanx bunches for all the eye candy! I think I need insulin !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m never sure if I number the pics the same way my readers do. Are you referring to the woman with the short, pixie-cut hairdo? I like them all, would not kick a single one out of bed for eating crackers there, but would spank every last one of them without cause or provocation! Thanks for posting such great comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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