#687) Lavender

Lavender is reputed to have soothing, calming effects on the human mind via the olfactory sense. Have trouble settling down or sleeping? Spray some lavender scent on your pillow, or rub some lavender oil on the soles of your feet. Even the pale purple color of lavender is restful.

This is strangely incongruous! Rachel just purchased the pictured panty and garter-belt set at her local lingerie store. She’s modeling them for the first time at bedtime. Her boyfriend, Ricky, is not feeling any calming effects from these lavender lacy confections. Just the opposite, he seems quite invigorated, judging by his drooling leer, his rampant erection.

How about you? Do you feel quieted or riled-up by this photo of Rachel with her cute bum all dolled-up in lavender? You know, pink coordinates very nicely with lavender. I think Rachel’s bottom needs a tinge of pink…

3 responses to “#687) Lavender”

  1. In the case of Rachel and Ricky the lavender invigorates (Can I spell or not!) yin and yang in the relationship. Her passivity ( there I go again) is balanced by his horñiness. This combo can lead to intensely ( I am seriously on a run today!) hot sex or a single cold shower.
    Thanx bunches for this thought provokin’ post!!!

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