#688) The First of Four Days of Thanksgiving

Not the twelve days of Christmas, there are four days until Turkey Day here in the States. If you are entertaining, you need to start planning when you are going to start preparing the unheated dishes (salads, finger-foods, etc.), and making a schedule for when you will cook the heated ones.

I suggest doing this prep in the nude (as I do most everything around the house). It can inspire some improptu spankings and sex.

4 responses to “#688) The First of Four Days of Thanksgiving”

  1. That’s a mouthwatering description of how you go about daily life in the home Jean Marie! I would not be able to resist frequent mini-spankings interspersed with major ones…
    Sophie x

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    • And I would not only acquiesce, not only let you, I would stick my arse right out in your pretty face, encourage you, ask for it outright. I see your bet and raise you…
      (And I’m still pissed off about your prolonged silence, so you better expect a reciprocation-spanking, young lady!)


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