#689) Eating in Bed

Experts say that, in order to get a good night’s sleep, you should only do two things in bed. Those are sleep and fuck. (This expert suggests fucking in other rooms of the house, too, to keep those fucks fresh and innovative.) But a lot of people don’t follow this advice; they watch TV there, or read, or eat…

June liked to eat in bed. She’d done it all her life. Therefore, she became oblivious and enured to the bits of food and crumbs that were deposited in bed after every meal.

June’s new boyfriend, Cliff, never ate in bed, was aghast that June did. Such are the realities of new relationships. So, Cliff made the rule that June could eat in her bed at her apartment, but was forbidden to eat in his bed at his place. Seemed reasonable and workable, right?

Cliff came home from a long, hard day at work. June had used her key to join him there, was already settled-in for the evening. She wasn’t expecting him home for a bit, however.

Cliff is confronted with the tableau you see above. June isn’t eating a simple snack in his bed. She has prepared and is eating a full-on, plated repast, her dinner.

“What have I said about that?”

“Oh, you startled me, Cliff!”

“I can see that…”

“I can explain…”

“No, I don’t think you can. You know my rule about eating in bed here, you agreed to follow my rule on it, you were trying to sneak around me and that rule…”

It becomes immediately clear that the hot meal is going to get cold, and that June’s cool bottom is going to get a heating. He takes the coffee cup out of her hand and sets it on the floor. He takes June by the hand and pulls her across his seated lap.

June is wearing a pair of leggings, nothing more. Emblazoned across the seat of these leggings is the logo for a brand of toilet tissue, Charmin’. The sales slogan for this product was, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin’!” June’s curvaceous, round bottom certainly is squeezable. But he yanks the seat of this stretch garment down. Her fair, redhead’s complexion is transformed from pale pink to blazing magenta over the course of the next half an hour, as a memorable hand spanking is applied to June’s bared seat.

“I’m sorry!” she whimpers intermittently. “I won’t do it again!” she pleads. Cliff has heard this before, from June, from previous subs in her predicament OTK. He isn’t moved by her pleas. He is moved by the sight and feel of her gorgeous bottom as it grows evermore red and hot. It arouses him mightily.

But Cliff shows fortitude. He doesn’t act on impulse and seduce June, although both want nothing more.

“Go stand in the corner and think about your behavior,” he instructs and sends June on her way with a sharp slap on the tush. “You’re going to get another session of spanks before bed.”

He takes the plates and cup into the kitchen, reheats them in the microwave, eats her dinner himself. June will go without dinner tonight. Unless you count the small snack June consumed around midnight. After another long, hard hand-spanking-session, and after the inspired, resultant love-making they shared, June begged Cliff not to cum inside her. She took him into her mouth and treated him to a most passionate and deep-throated cock-sucking. June got to swallow his load. In his bed. With his blessing.

(Here is another guilty submissive, this one just as cute as June in her own way, with a smaller blond butt, who is under the impression that if she says, “I’m sorry! I won’t do it again,” during a well-earned spanking, all will immediately be forgiven. I confess that I’ve tried it, too. It never works. But it is entertaining to hear.)

2 responses to “#689) Eating in Bed”

  1. Dominant man teaching his disobedient woman the importance of obedience. I think she got the message.
    I love this kind of story!!
    Thanx bunches for a story that really resonates with me!

    Liked by 1 person

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