#691) Waiting for It Is Different from Being Ready for It

I’ve published a whole series of posts entitled, “I’m Ready for My Spanking” in all sorts of venues.

There is a difference between being ready (perhaps baring the target area, certainly preparing the mind to be in a submissive place) and merely waiting for the inevitable spanks to come raining down. To illustrate my point, first please look at the above photo. The girl has experienced a little hand spanking. Now her mother is going to use a wooden paddle on this incorrigible brat for the first time.

Look closely at this close-up. You can read her mind on her face. Okay, I can feel the paddle tapping me back there… she seems to be saying to herself. Let’s see what it actually feels like… Three seconds later, “Yeoch! Oh Mom, I’m sorry!” See? She is waiting, but not really ready.

This pictured woman seems to be in conversation with her man/Top. She’s getting her mind ready for the spanking that’s coming. It can be a process, even a long process, to get yourself in a place to give yourself over to it. (That is, if your Top gives you the time to work it through, before working your backside with his hand…)

This blond has assumed the position, and bared her luscious bum, but doesn’t seem to be ready yet mentally.

Contrast that with this blond, in almost the exact same posture. She has felt a first set of spanks with the hand, and is now awaiting the next set with the paddle. See the difference on her face, betraying the difference in her mind? The first blond is waiting, this one is ready.

This brunette is waiting AND ready. She’s reconciled herself to the next step, her punishment.

Whereas this redhead has already had a little spanking, but does not appear ready for what’s coming next, whether that’s another set with the same tool, or a different, more serious choice of weapon for the next set. Waiting, but not ready.

Again, this redhead is sitting, knowing that she will not be able to do so very soon, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. She’s waiting, is not near ready.

If it were up to me, I’d make her stand up. I’d tell her that I wanted the pink sit-spots to disappear from her backside before I started to spank, so that all the redness on her backside would be attributable solely to my handiwork. This little lecture would move her along in that mental process. Of course, the one thing that moves a reluctant mind along with certainty is that first painful swat…!

This co-ed is teasingly flashing among the library stacks. If you were to reach out quickly and smack that adorable ass good and hard, you’d see that it was all an act. She’s not ready, not even waiting.

Compare her with this co-ed. She’s just received a sound spanking from her boyfriend in the baseball dug-out behind their school. She’s taking her jeans down to inspect the damage. She’s been spanked, but still isn’t ready. It’ll take a while to sink in. Maybe after it has percolated in her mind for a day or so, she’ll approach her boyfriend.

“Do you remember when you spanked the seat of my jeans for mouthing-off the other day? Well… I kind of… think that… it did me some good… If you want to do that again… when I show I’m in need of it… well, I wouldn’t complain…”

Are you getting the hang of deciphering the difference? It takes practice. Keep working on this skill. It’s fun comparing asses with faces. It’s even more fun transforming waiting faces/asses into two sets of identically blushing cheeks!

5 responses to “#691) Waiting for It Is Different from Being Ready for It”

  1. Me personally? If I tell a girl she needs a spanking and once we’re finally about to get down to it she tells me she’s not ready, I’d just tell her that the spanking will make her ready because it’s happening anyways! She should have made herself ready when I told her she was getting it! Lol

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