#693) An Honest to Goodness Glimpse

I want your totally honest opinion about something now. I post a lot of nakey photos here, or pictures where the women have bared their bottoms, often other body parts, as well. It’s easy to get kind of inured to all the exposed beauty.

But what if you were strolling through a nearby park some summer’s Saturday afternoon, and saw the above tableau for real. A gentle breeze has caressed the young lady’s skirt up, so gently that she doesn’t even realize. You can see the suggestion of her sex, and just a small corner of her round bottom. Honestly now, would you look but keep on walking, or would you stop. If you are the type, as I am, who’d stop, do you nonchalantly look a bit or do you openly stare? I honestly think that I would sit on the lawn, seem preoccupied but keep looking at her nonetheless. If she caught me, I’d only then nervously tell her that I couldn’t do otherwise, that she is just too sublime, her subtle exposure too sensuous not to do so. If she got upset, so be it. But it might turn out otherwise… (A tangential question to pose here, if you see an exposed breast, it is titillating. If you see an exposed bottom, is it a bummer? Are you the butt of this lady’s elaborate ruse?)

In that same regard, here is another scenario. You are invited to a garden party. Some people are clearly couples, but others, like yourself, have come stag. One of these unattached party-goers approaches you with that smile you see at left. Warm, inviting, you are smitten. You exchange names for an introduction, then start in with the usual small talk. It’s then that you realize her top is fairly translucent, that you can see her breasts quite clearly. Are you gallant and keep your eyes on hers? I’m asking for your complete honesty now. I think I would stare at her poignantly intoxicating body. I think I’d be moved to address the situation forthrightly.

“Are you dressed this way as a test?”

“A test?” she returns and because they’ve been called out, the nipples harden and poke out at you all the more.

“Yes, a test. I’m wondering what constitutes either to pass or to fail. If staring at your beauty is failing, then I’m guilty of being a connoisseur. Please don’t banish me from your presence simply because I cannot help from being forward. If staring at your bounteous beauty is actually passing your test of good taste, may I then go on to the next trial? Maybe take a taste of a nipple, gauge the humidity of your cleavage with my face, breathe in your scent…?

My point is that I know myself, sexual beauty makes me loquacious, even being a stutterer. An honest to goodness glimpse of feminine charms brings out the she-wolf in me. I honestly could not pass up stunning beauty without stopping, taking it in fully, most likely saying something. What would be your honest reaction?

There is another tack I could take in both of these situations if the revelatory miss took umbrage at my staring and commenting. One could hoist her on her own petard by accusing, “I think you are a tease! You ought to be spanked for setting a trap like this!” Then sit back and see how she reacts…

6 responses to “#693) An Honest to Goodness Glimpse”

  1. Oh, Jean Marie, I would definitely stop, sit down and watch in case the gentle breeze got a little stronger. If she saw me looking I would simply say…I couldn’t resist…and hope that she took that as the compliment it would be. I have a pic somewhere of me lying on the lawn reading, like the girl in the pic, and you can just glimpse my black knickers under my skirt!
    Sophie xx
    ( You wouldn’t be in any condition to reciprocate when I had finished with your arse!)

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    • Good to know that we are of like-mind, like on so many things, Sophie.
      (Bold words, but words are just that. Actions speak louder, bolder. My arse is waiting…)
      XOXOXOXO (hugs from on my knees around your lower half, kisses to your nether regions)

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  2. Last week, during my dog walk, which I do every day with my Great Dane, I saw a young woman.
    She was standing naked on the bank of the river where I love to walk.
    She was very beautiful. Slim, with a great butt and very nice small breasts. She had gone swimming, in solitude, at 3 degrees Celsius air temperature. She dried herself and did not look at me.
    I went on, but looked at her very closely and enjoyed the situation very much.

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  3. Being male, people react differently to staring and commenting to me than they would to you. So in scenario 1, sideways glance and keep walking. In scenario 2, no comment and try to concentrate on her face. I have to consider the negative “Lecherous male” tag, that I might get otherwise.


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    • I’m sure you are right. I wonder if age is a factor, too. (I don’t know how old you are, but…) A college aged kid or someone in their twenties (of either gender) is treated differently than someone middle aged or older. Thank you for your cogent comments!


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