#694) Two Photos That Rang a Responsive Chord in Me

When I came upon the above photo on the Internet, I stopped dead. Certain things in this shot reverberated within me. I normally stand up in front of my desktop computer, but when I want to be recumbent, I sprawl across a couch similar to this with a laptop. Being a nudist, I spread a towel underneath me whenever I sit or lay down; it’s just a nice consideration. I bet that Robert cannot count the number of times he’s come home and found me exactly like this woman. I know that what I’ve written on-line is going to get me in trouble, is going to get me spanked. She’s blond and I’m not, she’s busty and I’m not, I keep a neater house; otherwise this is me. With one more major exception. There is a cat in the photo, sharing the couch.

I’m a dog person, through and through. I’m fascinated by cats, especially big cats like lions, but I LOVE dogs, especially big dogs, like labs and shepherds, etc. We don’t own a dog currently, but I’ve belonged to some wonderful dogs in the past. And invariably, whenever I was punished, my previous dear friends would come to me to commiserate.

“I know…” my dogs have seemed to say eloquently, “he hits me across the nose with a rolled-up newspaper sometimes… I know what you’re feeling… It’ll be okay…”

So this photo rang a responsive chord in me, too. Can you relate?

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