#695) Alcohol (and Other Drugs) and Me

Before I address anything else, I wanted to proselytize a little bit.

I’ve been sober since the Covid-19 lock-down two years ago and I feel really good. At this beginning of the holiday season, I just want to mention that if alcohol (or other substances) is causing or exaggerating problems in your life, consider giving it up.

I’ve had a long relationship with mood-altering substances.

I started with beer and wine in high school. I liked how it lessened my many inhibitions.

The trouble starts when you start thinking, “One glass makes me feel free, more glasses will only make me feel freer.”

So, like this lass, I’d “belly up to the bar” every day, building up a tolerance, so drinking all the more all the time.

And just like this lass, I’d find my inhibitions so “lessened” that my clothes were off (in public)…

…and I was bellying up to the bar from my knees, impaired, doing things I either regretted or didn’t even remember later.

Undeterred, I progressed to hard alcohol. Cosmos (thanks to the show “Sex in the City”) became the rage for young women like me. I started mixing booze with other drugs. Marijuana was big in college. I was infamous for making ever-poorer decisions. I am very surprised that I didn’t end up with tattoos, or STD’s, etc. I did, like this cutey, sit on my share of “prickly cacti,” if you know what I mean…

Bad decisions and scandalous behavior became the norm for me.

When I was modeling, two other substances became my “go to” drug choices. Champagne was at all the parties, so was cocaine. I grew to love both, in mass quantities.

I needed a change, so moved from the left coast, and left professional modeling behind. I went back to school and got my teaching degree. I still partied hard every weekend.

It just so happened that when the lock-down occurred in March, I had no alcohol in the house. No Blanton’s bourbon, no Robert Mondavi wine, no Amstel light beer, nothing. And my weekends were not a blur, my hangovers disappeared. So I just kept it that way since.

Now, the only thing I have on the rocks is tonic water (straight, no gin). My whole life is a lot more straight. I like it that way. Not that I’m a straight arrow! You all know that I have my vices, but they spring from inside me, are hardwired into me, are who I am, not something from the outside.

Think about it for yourself. Are you happy about the amount of foreign substances you put in your body? Are you in control?

What matters is that you do what’s right for you! Here endeth today’s gospel lesson.

4 responses to “#695) Alcohol (and Other Drugs) and Me”

  1. Good for you! It takes insight, intelligence, and a lot of bravery to recognize a problem and take steps to fix it.
    I’m not much of a drinker myself but I do enjoy a small nip of Blanton’s now and then. I’m trying to collect all nine horse figures from the toppers but doubt I’ll live that long.

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