#696) The Third of Four Days of Thanksgiving

It’s the big travel day for those who are visiting people elsewhere. I’m so glad that I’m not!

I’m keeping to my schedule; the entire, lavish meal is coming together, without a mad crush trying to get too much done on Thursday. I’ll put the turkey in the oven tomorrow, all the rest of the “fixins” will be ready to merely heat and serve. Much like the pretty damsel pictured above.

This pretty maiden, on the other hand, has undergone a more detailed preparation. It looks to me as though she’s been spanked AND caned. Sitting for her supper looks as though it’ll be wince-worthy and squirmy. (The logo in the bottom right corner [if you can take your eyes off of her] says “Spanking Fake.” Do you think that this picture has been photo-shopped, isn’t real? Who would do such a thing and deceive a whole community of devotees?) For me, seeing is believing; the hot oven is actually mirrored by her hot butt.

I have a happier tale to tell, personally! I finished the cooking prep mid-morning, was getting ready to do a little house cleaning, when Robert called to me.

“Jean Marie, come here, please.” I don’t know if I’ve shared this, but these words thrill me. Robert uses this phrase when I’m going to get spanked. He likes that I have to leave whatever I’m doing, come to him. It puts me in the correct mindset right away. So I went to follow his voice and find him, which I did in our bedroom. He had lots of things laid-out on the bed, which I got a glimpse of before he put my satin sleep mask over my eyes at the doorway. “I was thinking, Jeanie… You’ve been working so hard for days… maybe a little stress-relief is in order. I think you deserve a good girl spanking…”

“Oh yes, sir!” I effusively gushed, both orally and vaginally.

The first thing I felt him do was softly bind my wrists, then my ankles with wide ribbon. (My hands were tied in front of me, not behind like in this shot.) We have padded cuffs, metal police handcuffs; he wanted to say that this would be different. I could escape these bonds with little effort if I wanted. This was completely consensual, the restraining of my mind more than my limbs.

Then Robert gently put me over his lap while he was sitting on the edge of our bed. He massaged my bottom for a long time, as I melted. He parted me back there and touched my rosebud, first with a bare fingertip, then with one bearing ointment. He lubricated this orifice, taking his time, praising what he finds beautiful about me there.

Next, I felt the glass thermometer that we reserve for this play touch me, enter me, toy with me, in and out, twirling around, driving me insane. This anal-erotic minx was already on the brink of cumming. I told Robert this.

“Then we better get spanking…” he intoned. And did, softly but with authority, slowly but gaining speed. He could see me writhing, could hear my pleas. At the pinnacle moment, my ambidextrous lover tickled my pussy as he spanked, and I spent, bucking and bellowing, whining and whimpering. I laid there, over his knee, the place I most love to be, some of my senses robbed from me, some of them heightened, feeling so thankful, for life, for him, for being the way I am, where such treatment can be so meaningful. What could follow such an ecstatic moment?

He picked me up, put me on my back on the mattress, parted my thighs as much as the ribbon would allow, and ate my pussy. (I love this photo, but want to clarify; I am NOT gray down there!) He brought me to another orgasm, and another. The last one so body-whacking and mind-warping that I begged him to stop.

He took my blindfold off, laid beside me close, kissed me lovingly. I love tasting my sex on his mouth, so much so I burst out of my bonds, pushed him back on the bed.

As I worked my way down his body with butterfly kisses, first I ate a little crow. He won in a little contest we had between ourselves, playing along with the Tournament of Champions on the TV show, “Jeopardy.”

“You are the winner, you are slightly smarter than me, you are my champion, my hero, my sovereign. I bow to your greatness,” I mockingly yet seriously stated.

By this time, my kiss journey had gotten me to where I wanted to concentrate.

I followed-up my course of crow by eating his big cock. I’m not great at this, but have gotten better with concerted practice. Robert seems to appreciate the gesture is not the flawless technique.

The day is sunny and bright, and I am glowing and happy! I hope you travel safe, and enjoy company with friends and family!

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