#697) I’m Ready for My Punishment – Kneeling Edition

Sometimes, the Top in my life has told to me assume a special position for punishment. I’ve been told to kneel and bend over. (Exactly what to bend over depends upon the situation, as we’ll see.)

Kneeling on the floor for punishment does something to me mentally. It brings me back to when I used to kneel bedside for nighttime prayers. There is something special, religious, almost sacred about the pose, which puts one in that head-space.

The question then becomes, should you pray in this position for the punishment to be over, so that you can feel forgiven and be absolved…

…or should you pray for the punishment to go on and on, to lead to other punishments, not just a punishment of the cheeks, but in between those orbs, within them, a punishment of your innocent rosebud…?

As I said, kneeling over ones’ bed can be evocative of the past, of particularly cherished or particularly cruel chastisements, but this pose doesn’t have to be confined to ones’ boudoir.

Vividly new memories can be created bending over other furniture in other locales around the house.

(I love this photo! With her hair, with her lingerie, with her proffered, pale bum, I think only of red when I see it. I see only red when I look at that magnificent ass, perched provocatively for my eyes only. I want to paint it red. I want her face ruddy and tear-streaked. Her bedroom is all muted grays, but I want her seeing my same vision in crimson, as she looks straight ahead for her lesson, as she looks back at me imploringly, as she looks within herself, at the attitude and misdeeds that earned her this harsh treatment. Among all of her shades of gray, I bring to her palette many hues of red.)

I want to cane red welts into the proffered bum, spank, and paddle, and strap, and slipper her!

I want to punish her in every room in the house, not just her bedroom, but everywhere.

I want to segue from punishing her buttocks to her entire backside, then her breasts, and inner thighs, and vagina. I want to roger her rosebud and irrigate her bowels and…

most of all, I want her kneeling, supplicant, subservient, submissive, mine.

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