#701) Shop ‘Til You Strop

It had been the perfect Thanksgiving Thursday. We had cooked the multi-course meal together. As we did, I had mental flashes of us five years from now. Then, we’d probably fall into genderized roles, with me in the kitchen, cooking with other female relatives, and Robert in the den with the respective male ones watching some football game. Today, we ate it informally on the couch, cuddling close and partially undressed. In the future, we’d all be seated around a table, respectably dressed. As often happens, being in love and mostly out of our clothes, we segued from a hearty dinner to a playful spanking to an intense session of love-making.
We end up with limbs-intertwined, oozing sticky juices, basking in a radiant afterglow, and partaking in one of my favorite nighttime activities, engaging in pillow-talk.
“You really want to face the crowds and the craziness to go shopping on Black Friday?”
“I love it. It’s kind of a tradition,” I answered. “What are you gonna do?”
“Join you, just to share time with you,” my lover said, and I kissed him passionately, and offered myself to him for round two.
So, the next morning we’re at an outlet mall, shopping until Robert is ready to drop. He’s not the pro at it that I am. To keep his interest piqued, I alternate the venues. We shop for something practical, then I take him to Victoria’s Secret to stoke his fire, we shop in a department store, then I take him to the hairbrush display in the next-door drug store. He’s as trainable as one of Pavlov’s dogs, and salivates just as much at all the sexy stuff. (I’m gonna get such a spanking when he reads that last line!) We are going up and down the aisle looking at duvets, when Robert comes up with a tremendous idea.
“Do you remember when you’d be out shopping as a kid, and there would be another family with a badly behaved seven or eight-year-old nearby, and the father would reach the end of his patience and grab that fussing child by the arm and whack the seat of his britches with several sharp spanks. Did you ever see something like that?”
“Of course,” I reply, “it happened all the time… never to me, but…”
Robert looks at me with that smoldering stare that melts me, makes me drip, and he says, “I want it to happen to you… I want you to do a sense memory exercise. You told me that you once entertained thoughts of becoming an actress, but stuttering got in the way… Let’s pretend you became an actress… use your imagination to fantasize what that’d be like… Then we’ll go home and reenact the scene in private.”
It sounds like the scariest, sexiest, most thrilling, and most insane thing I’ve ever heard of; I’m hooked on the idea. We wander into the grocery section of the Target store we were in by that time, which happened to be a lot less crowded than other sections, most people still feeling stuffed from their Thanksgiving meals the day before.
“So, you’d like me to imagine misbehaving right here, for about the twelfth time today, with the most grating, whiny voice…?” I conspiratorially whisper. Robert nods. “And you’re imagining being a frazzled father who has gotten stuck with his kid all day, while your wife and my mom is at work, and you are on your last nerve…?” And Robert closes his eyes and nods. The split-second he opens them, I yank my short skirt up to my waist, flashing my butt in his face, “Imagine this big, white ass taunting you.” I tease, knowing that Robert is seeing the whole thing because I happen to be wearing a thong, “an ass that has never felt a spank, and my spoiled behavior shows it!” And Robert’s eyes get big, as I wriggle my skirt back down. “And your right hand itches to teach this brat you are raising some manners!”
Robert takes me by the hand and leads me from the store into the parking lot.
“Did you enjoy our little sense memory exercise?” I smile. Then, in the most obnoxious, nails-on-the-blackboard, high-pitched voice I can manage, I yell, “Why are you tugging me back to the car, Daddy? Let me go! What are you gonna do?”
He escorts me rapidly across the lot and into the backseat of his car. In a flash, my skirt is back up around my waist, I’m across his knee, and I’m getting the most intense and inspired spanking I’ve had in a long time. He’s still spanking avidly as I’m unzipping his fly and getting his manhood out. When he’s ignited a roaring fire in my backside, I swing around and sit in the cowgirl position on his erection, impaling myself slowly, then fuck him rapidly and relentlessly.
“I wanna do it for real…” I growl in his ear as we piston in-sych, in perfect rhythm.
“I want to do that for real…” I pant and pump and tantalize my lover, “Imagination only goes so far… I want you to take me back into that store… and I want you to spank me for real… As hard as you just did… When we might be seen and overheard at any time… Come on…”
I’m off his cock, have replaced my thong and pulled my skirt back down while Robert’s head is still spinning, so I help him stuff his smaller head back in his trousers and zip it in. It’s me who takes him by the insistent hand now. He can see that I’m possessed.
“Listen,” I tell my Top, “I’ll be silent if you’re doing fine… but if I think you need some… motivation, I’ll use that whiny voice to get spanked harder, okay? …And forgive me for ‘Topping from the bottom’ again, I know I’m incorrigible about that! …Or don’t forgive me, take it out on my ass… that’s even better!”
We’re back in the fluorescent brightness of the store in a desserted aisle. Up goes my skirt, down comes Robert’s hand.
“Harder,” I screech.
He gives me another, harder wallop.
“Take off your belt, use that on me, teach me some manners!”
And he does, oh, he does, yes, he does.
We are back in the backseat, doing it. I was wrong if I thought last time was the epitome, THIS is intense and inspired and incredible!
“I thought that we were going to get busted by store security!” Robert murmurs as he pounds upward into me.
“I thought I was going to explode right there in aisle C! God, that was great, Robert!” I offer as I grind down onto him.
“Did anybody ever tell you that you are the Meryl Streep of kinky play-acting?”
“I wasn’t acting… I just let my inner child out in there… and my ravenous woman out now. Now shut-up and really fuck me, lover!”

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