#702) Decorating For Christmas During Thanksgiving Week

The mistletoe did its job.
“I like French kissing you,” he smiled, voicing the obvious, when their lips finally parted.
“I like it, too,” she whispered back, “but I prefer the Australian variety…”
“Australian variety…?” he wondered.
“Yes, it’s just like a French kiss, but Down Under,” she answered, pressing her pubis into him.
“You’re so bad!”
“I know! Do you think I’m on Santa’s naughty list?” She was only dressed in a pair of panties, but pulled these to the side to show him how aroused their kissing had gotten her.
“Let’s make sure,” he replied as he sank to his knees, sank his tongue into her nether folds.

(Only NOW is it okay to start decorating for Christmas, playing carols, etc.! Above is a photo of MY idea of mistletoe; LOL)

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