#704) The Five Love Languages – #1 Affirmations

There is a book by this title. It spells out five different languages that people communicate in to express their love. When I skimmed the book, I thought that there was a kernel of truth to be gleaned from it. I, of course, applied it to me, how I’d express myself in each of these five ways with my lover. Here then is some dialogue by two spankos containing words of affirmation.
It is the end of their second date, he is kissing her good night.
“I had a lovely time,” she smiles as their lips part.
“I did, too… Can I tell you something? I’m an ass man, and you have the most marvelous ass I’ve encountered in a long time!” His hand slips down to cup her there. She reaches back to move his hand onto her lower back once more.
“You better be an ass man if you’re interested in dating me! I’ve been known to knock things off tables with the big thing…”
They both laugh, kiss again briefly.
“Until next time,” she whispers in his ear and moves to her front door.
“I can’t wait,” he says with the utmost sincerity.
“I don’t want to wait!” she replies with the same intensity of feeling. “…If I let you come in, do you promise that we’ll just make-out, that you won’t try to talk me into making love…?”
“I promise,” he says solemnly with right hand raised, as she turns her key in the lock and opens the door. He lowers his hand down and places it on her ass as she sees him inside. They both smile at how wonderful the moment feels. More accurately, she smiles from the butterflies he inspires in her tummy, and down lower; wonderful. He smiles from the way her firm ass feels undulating under his palm; wonderful. They both think the same thought simultaneously; I hope that palm graces that ass often, repeatedly, at high velocity, soon.

2 responses to “#704) The Five Love Languages – #1 Affirmations”

  1. Jean Marie, I love your final sentence: I hope that palm graces that ass often, repeatedly, at high velocity, soon. I too have read the aforementioned book.
    I will dish the details but should it be extra-curricular as it were?
    Sophie x

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